Ways to improve my game with Ken on 3s

hi, i just started playing Street Fighter 3rd Strike and i was wondering how can i improve with Ken. I have a video here of me playing against my friend, though im not very good with 2d fighters so you’ll see some crappy mistakes.:sweat:


Me(Ken) vs my friend KenTA(Ryu)

comments and suggestions will be very helpful, thank you:pray:

Step 1: Stop playing Ken immediately and learn a non-scrub character (Hugo, Alex, Oro, Ibuki, Elena, Yang, etc). Basically anyone but Chun-Li.

Step 2: Enjoy balanced competition with your friends.


pick up a street fighter anniversary guide.

what poster number 2 said

Go to the 3rd Strike strategy forums, head on into Kens room and if you suck his dick…he’ll tell you everything you want to know.

I dont play shotos that well but, is air to air jab/short good?

You’re a fucking idiot.

Practice againest as many human players as you can.

totally agree

Sure you can enjoy balanced competition with friends. But if you want to play high level 3S then you’re gonna have to go with some of the better characters. Shit, I started out with Ken and I’m pretty good with him. The fact that I can actually go toe to toe with John Flash Gordon in 3S is more than reason to proud of myself.

Quoted for the truth.

sadly, there arent that many people to play fighting games with:sad:

are there any vids of good Q players out there?

This is where the beauty of online play comes in. Although there is lag and stuff once in awhile…think of it as a chance to think ahead! XD

[LEFT]Next time your friend wants to throw his Ryu super, just super jump towards him and do an air hurricane kick with 2kick buttons at the same time to get the other side of him. Also you can do normal moves into super. Cr.mk into super is a good one to start off with. What you need most of all is to add some control to your game. You play very hectic with your friend, seems neither of you like to block eachothers attacks.

Anyway, heres some of Kens easier but still effective combos.

cr.mk into any dragon punch
cr.mk into super
st.mp then st.hp into small dragon punch

Wow. It’s like I’m at James Games at one in the morning.

Props for picking the OG colors, though.

fixed for clarity

also, try not to cancel if it’s blocked. that’s bad. don’t super randomly it should be guaranteed that your super will hit if you’re going to use it. jumping is often way easier and better for punishing than parrying at long distance. let’s get the basics down before trying to show off. Fireballs are not scary. We don’t need to stand around pointlessly waiting for someone to throw them. You’ve got half the mixup down. but if you’re opponent knew how to reverse, you’d be thinking twice. Dragon punching through normals tends to be unsafe.

Try not to cancel if its blocked??? You do realize there is a reason you DONT really see the pros/ANYONE using cr. mkxxsuper with Ken right??? You cant really hitconfirm it…use cr. mp instead(U HEAR THAT U CAN HITCONFIRM IT KEN AINT CHUNLI CR. MK IS LIKE IMPOSSIBLE TO HITCONFIRM)…and if you are going use Ken 1ST STEP…Go to the SF3 thread…learn all you can there…2ND STEP…watch as MANY MATCH VIDS AS POSSIBLE…watch what the FFA people and what people like Bacardi or any Ken out there does…(and theres a SHITLOAD OF THEM OUT THERE yawn) Watch and learn, do what it takes until you too are doing those things.

Also do not ask questions/put threads in the SF3 forums unless you have gone through EVERY POST OLD TO NEW…bc a question you’ve asked/will ask especially in the beginning probably has been asked before.

Last step-FIND GOOD COMPETITION. Match vids/knowledge is only half the battle…the rest is in worthy competition.

Pros use cr.MK into shippu
You can hit confirm shippu from a cr.MK, even a scrub like me can pull it off.

although cr.MP is easier, it doesn’t have the range.

Everyone has been telling me that shit is very very hard to Hitconfirm…I’ll have to try it…I dont even really see it in the match vids anymore…its all cr. mp…

And if cr. mp is easier if he is new to the game shouldnt he start with cr. mp then???

The most time I see pros using cr. mk is if they are using EX fireball in the corner…bc if blocked they are safe…