Ways to improve the next mk,suggestions needed(link)

MK Online has a sticky thread, “MK7 Gameplay Design” and they need suggestions. Now when even the MK fans notice the game was crap, than the game is REALLY crap. Who knows good fighting game mechanics and design than srk? MK:D had so much broken stuff in it, It was barely playable(more people spent time in chess or something than the actual game)

Midway does come by that site every so often, I know they have devchats every now and then too, so they’re hoping Midway gets the hint.

Here’s the link if anyone wants to help


btw, Raiden turning into an asshole and killing Shujinko = greatest thing about MK:D

make it 2d and it’s all good…

no, make it where Namco, Sega, Sammy, or Capcom develops the fighting engine, THEN it will be good.

American fighting game designers suck. period.

1 = Remove the dial-a-combos
2 = Remove the smokes-n-mirrors hiding a crappy fighting engine
3 = if it is going to be truly 3-d, then MAKE IT 3-D! And not a polygon-based 2d-fighter!
4 = the story is great…that’s the ONLY saving grace…oh, and MK Chess and MK Puyo Puyo is fun, too.

Umm, that ain’t gonna happen considering 2D sells like shit in America.

Anyways, there are really only 2 solutions to this.

  1. Midway sells license to Namco, SNK, Sammy, etc. (NOT CAPCOM, as they can’t make good fighters anymore)

  2. MK games stop being made as Midway can’t (and won’t) try to fix the gameplay at all.

In other words, MK is screwed. I won’t ever be taken seriously, and I always have that feeling that Mr. Boon bribes reviewers into saying that their game is actually good.

EDIT: Damn I forgot to say this. The 3rd choice is to not make the next MK a fighter. Just make it a beat em up or an RPG or something, just not a fighter.

American developers don’t understand fighters.
That’s the main problem.

They don’t understand depth outside of combos, and even then they rely way too much on dial-a-combo systems.

Advice to Ed Boon, stay away from making the gameplay. The three fighting styles for each character sound good on paper but when the gameplay is crap then it turn out shitty. I was an MK fan until I play MKDA, I was like ok MK is going 3-D and the three fighting styles for each character sound cool. Then I play it and it was like crap , the fighting style for some character don’t seem to fit that character. It good that some of the member over at MKonline website relize that the gameplay is broken and they are vocal about how to improve the gameplay. My advice in improving the MK games is not rely to much on the dial-a-combo systems and get rid of the three fighting style for each characters. And like people who post before me let other company like Namco create the fighting engine because the fighting engine that Eb Boon created is crap.

Best joke ever.:rofl:

MK is as bad as comic books. No one ever stays dead, and when they return, it’s in
a bland and unexciting way.


Remove the fighting game aspect and just make it a collection of MK-themed puzzle/mini games.

Since you put it that way, I guess the same can be said about Japanese devs not understanding fps’. One way to improve MK7 (or possible future installments) is to find a new lead developer/designer. As long as Boon’s in charge, I see the franchise going nowhere. Boon lost me with his “Less Kombat, more Kontent” thesis for MK6/D.


I shouldn’t have to elaborate on what that means. It seems like the thing that really fucks up fighting games is designers who try to do too much too fast. The reason CvS2 and MvC2 are so highly regarded is that Capcom and SNK took a lot of small steps on the way there, tweaking every time. The reason games like Tekken 4 and MKD sucked is that the developers tried to work in a bunch of cool shit they saw in other games, all at once, and fell flat on their asses.

I might buy an MK game if they trimmed it down into a lean mean bloodfest. Hell, I’d buy an MK buttonmasher if it wasn’t too insanely unbalanced or stupid. But until American game designers realize that using the McDonald’s business model for a fighting game is stupid, I’m not buying their shitty games.

Of course, the best thing they could do is fire the existing design time and hire one of the Japanese boutique fighting game firms to remake one of their games with MK characters… whatever happened to Arika?

In Tekken no one ever stays dead either…I mean shit we have A DARK RESSURECTION DONT WE??? Wouldnt surprise me if Jun and Ogre return for T6…

Now dont get me wrong I aint standing up for Mortal Kombat…just stating facts…

I mean damn they couldnt really kill Heihachi in 5…they say “Heihachi is dead” but anyone who has played Tekken knows NAMCO can’t just kill their characters.

It’s all a business…whatever makes money…so if that means bringing everyone back 50 times it works…

Alright. You’ve lost all credibility with that statement. I don’t where some of you get the impression that Japanese devs are incapable of error when it comes to fighting games. They’re just as capable of releasing crap as much as anyone else (check out Deadly Arts or Kakuto Chojin) is. It just so happens that a majority of revered fighting games come from out Japan. Didn’t Hudson attempt to go the whole gore route with BR4? How well did that turn up, btw?

I really couldn’t see Arika being able to do anything gracesaving for the MK franchise (especially in this day & age) that hasn’t been done before. One of the main reasons why the SFEX games weren’t widely accepted was due to the fact that they played strikingly similar to their 2d SF counterparts (& not necessarily any better). What’s the point of making a 3d fighter if not to take full advantage of 3d capabilities (if it’s 2.5d, then that’s an entirely different story)? The SF transition to 3d (SFEX series) wasn’t much any different from the MK transition to 3d (MK4/MKGold).

I could care less if MK was worked on by a European, American, or Japanese developer. Just a long as it’s handed off into the hands of one to whom knows what the hell they’re doing. In all honesty though, the asskissing really needs to stop.

**HEADBUTTS !!! Adding elements onto grappiling, even if they don’t have BJJ style grappling, just give people the ability to grab onto the opponent without an frigging auto-holds. **

they could always try making fatalities an actual gameplay element

it sure does make Fist of the North Star and Guilty Gear seem to stand out, right? (FotNS more so since its much more usable there of course)

Where is the Col when you need him?

And IIRC, Midway asked for community input before, in the SAME PLACE, and MK:D is what came of all those suggestions. Maybe we should make them understand that the popular vote isn’t always the best vote.

I don’t think the people who consider gameplay were involved in those suggestions. MKDA was like a test in a new 3D system for MK. That’s how I look at it. There was definitely room for improvement, but a lot of people wanted 2 fatalities and that’s it.
There was a thread over there for improving MK gameplay. I forgot when it hit, but it got a lot of replies.

But I don’t think there’s a way to improve the next MK. Maybe one further down the road. The last we heard Book talk of MK7, it sounded as if he had his own plans in order.

Ultimately though…

-Abandon the three styles. One solid style will do. It worked for Tekken, and I thought some of those characters had too much moves.
-Up the story game. A story mode path for each character. Maybe several paths.
-Various methods for obtaining secrets outside of story mode. I know I’m not the only one who didn’t want to go back to Konquest after getting everything…
-More secrets, or a bunch of secrets that actually have something to do with the game[play]. This shouldn’t require explanation.
-Maybe the fatalities can do something more than just… be there. Maybe you can work for them like in Eternal Champions, only… less work. I don’t know
-Keep the extra modes though. They were fun, although I haven’t played MKD in months…

I had some more stuff, but I’m blank on it right now.

I’m sure some jap developer could probably make the best MK game you could ever play, but for once I would like America to step up their game. If our suggestions are the only way to do that then I’m all for it.

IMO a story for every character is not really necesary. I believe it fuks up the overall stroy. And these story’s often contradict each other.
My suggestion for story mode, make it one story displayed cinematically. When a fight begins the player will be given control of the character thats supposed to win the match. this will also be an opportunity to create a tutorial for the character that the player has to um…play.

Keep dead characters dead. Well atleast in story mode who cares if they’re unlockable for vurses mode.

Make the animation smoother, I was really into SC2 when I bought deception and they way characters moved made me really want to go back to SC2. Even the popular 2D games look smoother WTF!?!

Fatality’s defenetly need to become part of fight, Instant kill style.

For gameplay 3 fighting styles has to go, dail-a-combo has to go(breakers along with it), If the block button is to stay it should do more then just block(guard Impact or something).

I haven’t played this game in a good while so I cant remember much more.
One last thing though all of the latest 2D fighters have normals, specials and supers and rules to combo these. I dont remember any good(or true) 3D fighting games having this.

IMHO Midway shouldn’t even bother with MK7; all I want is an arcade perfect port of UMK3. They’ll never make a MK game better than Ultimate. [sigh]

Multiple story paths would not screw up the game. The next game’s storyline would have a “this is what happened” canon just like every other fighting game sequel in history.
How many endings in each Tekken, SF, or MK contradict each other?

At least the multiple story path thing makes it interesting.

But still, your idea on story sounds a bit interesting.

Well maybe not better, but as long as it is different and playable.