Ways to land a Command Throw

We all know Iori can struggle a bit against turtlers with good blocking, so lets put together a list of ways to land a Scum Gale. I’ll list some of my favorites, you guys do the same.

Crossup B+short (kind of high), Command Throw

That one works well for me because most people will block the cross up if they are just getting up, so it pulls them close enough and if timed right they will be just out of blockstun, ready to be grabbed.

s.jab, F+strong, Command Throw

This ones cool because you can mix it up with the blocked string F+strong into a Rekka, and after a couple of these they will get used to blocking after the F+strong, so you hit them with the throw. Also, the F+strong puts the joystick in the forward position so it kind of buffers making the motion easy.

Knockdown, RC command throw

Simple :D. It beats everything, even RC’ed moves cos its a throw.

Any I’m missing? Please post tips.