Ways To Successfully Combo OR's Omega Destroyer



I just did this little combo in the corner. Now, please note that the combo display resets itself so it’ll seem as if it won’t combo, but just set the dummy to block and he won’t. Funny thing is, CPU block patterns aren’t always correct because some combos I’ve come up with my friend will be able to block, but it’s always good to test out.

Combo method: Minus Assist

(In either corner) J. Fierce, land, C. Short, C. Jab, S. Fierce, LK version of Omega Strike, Fierce Throw as they land, pause, Omega Destroyer as they hit the ground again.

The display will reset itself so it’ll look as if it won’t combo, but again set the dummy to block. The CPU will NOT block as the dummy lands on his feet. I tried this only on Cable so far. My theory is to try this with a friend and figure it out for yourselves and give some feedback on it. Chances are human players will be able to block:bluu:. I swear, OR gets cheated by this game sometimes. Like LK Omega Strike XX Omega Destroyer should work, but it doesn’t.


Not really man.Omega strike with the lk kick them in their face and make them go Flying.So i dun think OR gets cheated by his game at all.



I know this is out of place but, a cool and good guard break for Omega is-as the next opponent comes in, hk omega strike, wait for guard to break, Carb Smasher. Easy and works like a charm.


**How do you know that combo works if it’s on “block all?” Are you sure ir’s not on the regular auto guard?

No Wat- You mean when they land they are standing as they get attacked by the Omega Destroyer? That’s weird, I’ll try that. **


S0N: That isn’t it at all. I’m saying that he can’t combo OD after his LK version of Omega Strike. Sure Omega Strike sends them flying up in the air. You can also retract it.