WB to start on Justice League movie


You know i could’ve sworn WB said they weren’t going in the direction with Justice League like how Marvel is doing with the Avengers movie. Hypocritical much WB???
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This movie will be awful, next!


Elaborate please.
Bear in mind im pretty optimistic on a lot of things but i’m still confused on how they are gonna pull this off.


Are you sure this isn’t a late April Fool’s joke? Seems kinda rushed to me.

Oh wait, this is Hollywood we’re talking about. :tdown:


Since it’s extremely unlikely they’ll get any stand alone movies to lead into this movie, they’ll have to do all the lead-in with the actual movie, on top of that, I don’t trust any movies that have to give equal time between at least 3 heroes, let alone the JL. There’s just no way…


Good point but the crazy part is at least of the group could carry a stand alone movie by themselves(Batman, Superman, wonder woman, GL, and Flash). Seems like a daunting task like on the level of The Watchmen movie.


i read about that awhile ago. After the upcoming Batman movie, they’re gonna reboot again (with Nolans assistance, although he won’t be directing), and start gearing towards Justice League in 2013 (thats MIGHTY fast).

Obviously the next Supes movie will have something in it to deal with JL, but I wonder if Green Lantern will as well


it could be interesting.


Yes, the same Hollywood that wants to cast white people in the main roles for Akira.


Oh god, are they trying to do this shit again?


no way there gonna get bale as batman…unless they ninja hid sumtin in his contract.


Either of the guys from Prison Break would make a decent Batman, IMO.

That said, this movie will likely be mediocre if it comes to fruition. How’s that for optimistic?


Coming out in 2015, and there will be no leadup movies a la Avengers, just Superman, then WHAM. And whoever plays Batman will likely take over in the reboot. Also looks like it will be taking on Avengers 2, due out around the same time.

Ugh, this is gonna be awful, isn’t it :frowning:


Needs to be a leadup; I think that’s what made Avengers as good as it was.


I think after Green Lantern tanked, they don’t wanna risk it. I wonder if Superman will have ANY sort of JL cameos or news, or what.

Marvel built that hype train well, starting with Iron Man. I dunno if this is such a good idea, just suddenly throwing a JLA movie at us in 2 and a half years


I think they should have at least tried for one stand alone after the Kai-el reboot. Imo Flash or WW.

I was thinking back to the past when WB asked Whedon to develop a Wonder Woman film but they let him go.
Guess those suits are kicking themselves now that Avengers did astronomically well

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They were working on a WW movie, but the failure of the TV show stopped that. And Flash has been delayed forevers. Warner Bros has no fucking idea what they’re doing, they’re just trying to cash in on the Avengers hype before it gets even bigger.

and the WW cameo isn’t going to be an actual visual cameo, just reference her or her island. Probably just a news article.

Basically they’re using the Superman movie to announce that he lives in a shared universe. Maybe even they will mention Gotham for once.


ROFL!!!..thats the equivalent of when they name dropped Ryu and the World Tournament in the Legend of Chun Li movie. It served no purpose other than to say, “Hey guys, this takes place in the world of Street Fighter!!!”


I could see a batman reference in the superman movie…clark with use a gotham city credit union card to buy coffee…and it will get declined…then clark will say “good ol gotham” and will just pay in cash…

shots fired…:cool:


There have been good team/ensemble movies before without leadups. Did everyone in Seven Samurai need their own movie first?