WC 5on5 spot match


when am i going to be playing MAG at evo?


Friday morning, 10 AM.

USF4 Top 10 Character predictions thread
USF4 Top 10 Character predictions thread

Go Randy, you can do it!


Uh, if both of you are going to be around Thursday, we should get it out of the way then.


uh oh i see conflicting reports… i like the set time better myself, leaves nothing to debate.


good luck to both of you fuckers!!!

mag RTSD
Randy use IM in one match for me:D

peace 1


may the best man win and move on to fuck up some bitches.


Go randy…wish all the people i was going with didnt back down so I can support you…but good luck.


good luck Nanaboy




i guess i’ll be the only one there supporting randy. good luck randy.


Bah, everything fell apart for me too, but I’d cheer for Hitler if he came and picked me up.

Go hometown player, I’ll cheer for you from home, while i cry into a pillow.

And just cause I’m so desperate, my SN is SSJMochiballs on AIM if anyone’s feeling charitable. I live in Morgan Hill so I’m on the way for all you pac-northeners. Plus i have a camera, so you’d get an extra couple hours of footage. And I’d help pay for everything of course.