WC vs. EC 5 on 5

this is just in my opinion

junior b, genghis, david l,kuan, row = WC

justin,sanford,desmond,wigfall,demon hyo = EC

give feed back… don’t know if this would happen though.BUT THIS IS EVO2K3 “SUGGESTIONS”

I’ve got 5 on it!

Just to be fair dont put Justin on the EC team, he’d get 5 points all by himself :slight_smile:

imo the 5th person should be between org/ricky/few philly peeps.

I like this…

I like this so much I’m going to steal it.

The EC vs WC Team Tournament is now an official part of Evolution 2003. Here are the rules:

The 5on5 tournament will take place immediately after the ST finals on Saturday (on the stage with the bigscreen, of course).

Team East Coast
Justin Wong is appointed Team East Coast captain. Justin must turn in a list of team members and the order in which they’re playing to the Tournament Director THURSDAY NIGHT.

Only players from the Atlantic North and Atlantic South may participate on Team EC. A players region is determined by his “Main Stomping Grounds” on his APEX results page. Don’t bother checking; Ricky Ortiz is from “Eight on the Break”, so he can be on Team EC if Justin wants him.

Team West Coast
All Team WC members must hail from the Pacific North, Pacific South or Northwest APEX regions.

(In no particular order) Rodolfo Castro, SooYoung Chon, Tong Ho, and Jason Kuan are appointed to Team WC based on their exceptional recent tournament records.

The 5th spot will be awarded to the highest placing finisher in the July 26th Prevolution tournament at SVGL not already on the team.

Rodolfo Castro and Tong Ho are the designated Team Co-Captains. They will handle deciding the team order and appointing new team members if someone decides to drop out. They also must provide a list of team members and the order they will play on THURSDAY NIGHT.

Tournament Rules
ALL players must be Evolution 2003 eligable to compete. That means if Ricky hasn’t paid off his debt by then, he can’t play.

Team EC will sit while Team WC challenges. IOW, the match order will be:

Team WC 1 vs Team EC 1
Team WC 2 vs Team EC 1
Team WC 3 vs Team EC 1
Team WC 4 vs Team EC 1
Team WC 5 vs Team EC 1
Team WC 1 vs Team EC 2
Team WC 2 vs Team EC 2
Team WC 3 vs Team EC 2

All the way to Team WC 5 vs Team WC 5.

Standard Team tournament rules apply (you have to keep the same team for all 5 matches, etc. etc. etc.)

The Winning coast gets trash talking rights over the Losing coast for all time (or until next year when we do it again).

DO NOT even ask me about Team CvS2 or why the Midwest can’t play. You will be ignored. Thanks. :smiley:

What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Aside from you getting attention? **

wong, wig, x, sanford, mixup.

ricky, josh wong, rick mears alrternates.

that’s my opinion

All fear Team Wong. Just like Team Angle except they all wear the big black bubble jackets.

i am sorry psianyd






nice STEAL ponder

Ponder: I do believe that David Lee should be included on that list for west coast players.

Suggestions for J wong’s team: Sanford, Josh Wong, Mixup, Wigfall

i second that

Josh wong as an alternate ??
No way!!
2 Wongs are better then one!!

2 Wongs don’t make a right.


Row and Kuan went down to LA and got 3rd and 4th on foreign ground. David Lee got 2nd that tournament. Row got 2nd in Evolution 2002. Kuan has won every tournament he’s played in since May 4th, except for when he’s been beated by Justin Wong, Roldofo or David Lee.

Then again, David lost to Genghis at the June 19th tournament at Camelot, and got 4th at the May 17th tournament where Genghis and Soo got 1st and 2nd…

And what about Randy Lew and Potter? Both those guys have beaten Genghis in recent tournaments…

So you see, it’s not an open and shut case for anyone. If David really belongs on the team, he can go get 1st at the SVGL tournament. He doesn’t even have to get 1st… he can get 3rd as long as Soo and Genghis take #1 and #2. I think that’s fair.

dont forget that david lee did beat row and justin’s team row/msp(3-0) in that tournament

he deserves a spot, but whatever…

That’s so terrible it’s going into my sig.

Btw, good luck WC.

I <3 Ponder.

Derek Daniels

Who would you kick off?

I’d say that David is more than deserving for that spot. I’m sure at least 99% of the Pac South division would agree.

we wouldn’t have to kick off anyone. You said Row, Kuan, Genghis, and Soo, right? Just throw in David and you have 5

makes sense that soo and tong are guaranteed since soo and tong have placed higher than david l overall in the past tournaments.

but in my own bias opinion, david placed higher and represented for cali when it counts the most in the biggest tourney so far in ucla tourney. no one since combofiend has represented cali better than david l.

it is pretty clear in the EC the tops are justin stanford wigfall, x, mixup, ricky, josh wong and probably demon hyo. my 5 pick would be justin, stanford, wigfall, ricky, then either mixup or x.

in seattle its all rowtron and kuan, and imo are better than all of cali.

but in cali, there is no DOMINANT 1st 2nd placer every tourney except in nor cal where its randy lew. its constant battle between junior B, soo, tong, clockwork, and like ponder said randy lew and potter . heck even shady k placed high in the recent family fun tourney, and we haven’t seen his name around. They should hold a tourney for the 3 remaining spots for CALI players, or just have a vote, i’d vote for david.