WC vs EC CvS2...


I mentioned this last year but it seemed to be to the liking of only mvc2 for ec vs. wc…This year since it’s console and all I dont see why we cant hold a WC vs EC cvs2…I know alot of scores need to be settled and players from both sides just want to slug it out…ne one with me???



EC vs WC on everything…(since this country is only LA and NY right?:rolleyes: )… i say EC vs WC on the 100 meter dash… or EC vs WC on N64’s SUPERMAN the one who actualy finishes wins!:stuck_out_tongue:


i’d like to see it, but i never knew there was any big rivalry of EC vs WC in cvs2…


lol are there even 5 people that play on ec? fuck cvs2, I don’t wanna watch that even in the evo finals.


hmm i dunno it would be good.

ec would be - jeron/justin/art/eddie/sanford

wc - john/rick/buck/kim/dr.b/amir/combof/gee-o!




there is nothing wrong with a wc vs ec for cvs2
but i personally will like to see us vs jap in cvs2 :slight_smile:


How about instead of just a WC vs EC CvS2, we make use of the BYOC area, and set up a side tournament: team regionals.

3 people per region allowed, 7 regions + Japan. Thats make an 8 team tournament, preferablly round robin.

Each team puts down $10 a head ($30 per team)

best record takes %50 of cash ($120)
second takes %30 of cash ($72)
third takes %20 of cash ($48)

Main problem is that with 28 team battles, with 6 matches per battle, that gets up to 168 actual matches. At 5 minute per match, on one console, thats a 14 hour tournament… it’d have to be done with 4 consoles, so every team is playing somebody else all at the same time (I.e. console 1: Pacific South vs Southwest, Console 2: Japan vs EC, console 3: atlantic south vs northwest, console 4: Atlantic North vs Midwest), rotating after every battle.

Then it’s a 3.5 hour tournament, much more managable.

I would be up for running it/help running it, as long as we can get enough people interested (and enough people willing to help run it).


Hmm sounds cool maybe a US vs Japan by all our powers combined we’ll get to summon captain planet… Well I’m still in favor of US vs Japan just hope it will not end up like A3 or 3s.:slight_smile:


us vs japan!

that’s be epic!

we havent had a us vs japan event in a while.


I agree Us vs. Japan!!! CvS2!!!


edit: And EC vs WC CvS2!!! :eek:


Dammit CvS2 people support the Idea!!!

    -B.:rolleyes: :confused:


yeah, cvs2 is fun. :slight_smile:


CvS2 is cool and all, but there’s no EC vs WC rivalry for the game quite like MvC2 and GGXX I don’t think? It’d still be cool to see I guess.


yeah, really. the ec/wc thing wasnt just thought up
out of the blue and on a limb. it was tension built up
over time that fueled the electricity that was the epic


WC vs. EC isnt for pure rivalry its for the East vs. West…some NBA style shit…

Another good idea is WC vs. Japan…Or

US Allstars vs. Japan…

Lets make it happen peeps it would be fun…no offense to Mvc2 players I play that game too but I want to see the cvs2 players battle it out…



There’s no hype between the two coasts when it comes to CvS2. If you’re expecting it to be just like last year’s MvC2, it’s not going to happen. Might as well just do a CvS2 team tournament.


yeah, i’d like to see a US vs Japan cvs2 battle as well, but there doesn’t seem like there’s enough interest for it to actually happen.

i’m all for a cvs2 team tourney too…


It’s about time:cool:


Ppl say EC vs WC is for bragging rights or to settle scores, to see which coast is better or whatever, but the bottom line is that an EC vs WC event is for the entertainment of the ppl watching because it’s an exhibition and whoever wins won’t really win “anything”.

So going with that, there’s simply not enough interest in seeing a CvS2 EC vs WC tourney.

A CvS2 event like that will only be interesting to those who care about it/play it so it would not have much success unlike MvC2 which is a game that ppl will find interesting to watch in an exhibition like a 5 on 5 EC vs WC even if they don’t play it.