Recently, it seems alot of hate has been thrown in many directions, such as:

Final showdown vs WC
Flash metriod vs WC
Final and Flash vs WC
Final showdown vs WC

In light of all the new shit talking going around, i was wondering if either side would be down for a #R tournament at evolution.
I was thinking either, WC vs EC, WC vs TX vs EC, or WC vs TX vs EC vs (who am i forgetting?). Anyhow, I am totally down for another one of these, we need a chance to redeem ourselves anyhow. Anyone else up for this?

I think we should keep it EC vs WC

and if this is the case how would the east coast team be picked

They should be picked. There is no way that everyone would be at some tournment or something that say the winners of it are on the team.

though note i really have no problem me vs all of wc if thats how it turned out for some crazy reason lol.

oh PS. why is that me and flash metriod are always with each other alot of times in peoples mouths. Do people think we are tight for some reason? Cuz obviously we arent(not that i hate him or anything. But i dont recall being freinds by any means).

If the teams are to be picked I think the team should be me and FinalShowdown and 3 other people out of team serious most likely

I also dont care if it comes out Me vs WC

about your PS FS :lol: ive been wondering the same ive never even met you before:confused:

scratches head I don’t really take any of this internet trash talk seriously. heh, no real beef with me and Final Showdown. Or whatshis face (Sorry in a hurry right now) But I’m down to play reload. Heh 1 counter hit Jam into IK, man, just too good. Lates

Chaotic Blue

If you want my honest opinion for the team for EC…

I would have to pick


this is just who I personally feel would do the best in the tournament, nothing personal against anyone or anything, theres so many good players to choose from so its a hard choice but whatever

team wc.




rofl selfsci? yeah good one guy

Im just throwing the idea out. Personally, i think it should be 4 people chosen, at least 1 open spot, so that everyone who thinks they belong gets a shot.

Well if thats the case, me and drew and clayton were talking and we all agreed that top auto 4 should be, Me, Drew, Kenji, Clayton. Now the question is, if theres another qualifier for 5th person, where and when should it be held? Should we do it at MWC on the TV there on console since alot of EC players will be there, or should we do it like last time and have a qualifiers at evo the day before, and if so how about we just do a regular bracket single elim tourny? best 2/3, that shouldnt take too long

I would say done like last time, but, with no pressure, since if this isn’t an official evo thing, we don’t HAVE to have it on friday. Like if some people are running late, there are no probs. I really don’t care who ends up on the team, but i did enjoy playing for it spot last time, and this tourney is just for fun anyhow.

My picks for Team EC GGXX:


Fucking haters, where is Henaki’s spot?! EC XX IS LAME ELITISTS WHO HOLD BACK OTHERS WHO SHINE!! How do you guys sleep at night??

Personally I think you should have Kono pick 3 people for the team. The other two to be chosen at ECC and the other at MWC. Just my thoughts…

:confused:…I feel that im defenitly better than toiyet

I think team EC should be


i think… um… i think… i wanna get some #r practice in… :smiley:

The last spot was hard for me to pick, I chose Jake because hes shown a hell of a lot of improvement over the last few months IMO. The other people I was strongly considering were yourself, and Destin. I guess it seems like we will end up having a qualifier for the last spot again, I’m not really the authority on this but I talked to a few people and it seems like the most fair way I guess, we just need to work out details.

I have no qualms whatsoever with any of those picks for team EC. Everyone even mentioned has incredible talent, and deserves a spot on the team. I would like the tourney for last spot because:

  1. Its always nice to have something to look forwards to. Evo is XX, which is an ass game, and i hate it. So, i would like to play in one real tourney at evo.

  2. I have been working on my dizzy, as always, and would like to see how much she has improved in seroius situations.

3)Tourneys are fun.

I’m not even going to be playing any xx prior to evo, i don’t care how well i do in the main event. I am going to keep practicing #R out of love for that game. Maybe i will make the team, maybe not, but either way, it will be fun =).

Kono’s 3 choices would be similar to what was chosen, i would think, and i would have a reasonable unfair advantage since i talk to him all the time. (Not that i would get a spot, but it would be a unfair boost for me). Also, MWC and ECC are not the best places to decide since they are XX tourneys, and this EC vs WC is going to be #R.

I just knowticed this was #R hell yeah XX sucks I hate the game aswell the only reason I play it is becuase tourneys are XX

I personally wish evo would be #R becuase its way better than XX but people are being gay and not getting it

Me and kensou kinda came upon this :
Last spot for whoever qualifies.

Just kinda throwing it out there…

WC should have sirlin. he is serious.

id pick toiyet, destin, kbnova, kono, and me…but thats just cause i wanna be on the team…and cause its a really diverse team

fatcat, FS, maybe flash, solidac is supposed to be good (no disrespect…i just havent played him) josh the funkdoc, acme all also deserve to have a shot at team EC.

I KNOW!!! there is gonna be a pittsburgh tourny like 2-3 weeks before EVO. we will take the top 5 ppl form there…provided that they are going to evo.