WC vs TX vs EC Revisited

for the love of god, keep the thread on topic. no empire arcadia shit, no team hate shit, no dipset, nothing. fucking derailing fucks.

team ec:
justin wong / flash gordon / kofiend / henry cen / exodus

team tx:
asianhitler / hsien / fubarduck / mopreme / lee

team wc1:
pyrolee / amir / hungbee / alex valle / ???

team wc2:
arlieth / mutantxp / rockefeller / frankie3s / ???

there will be a playoff to determine the last spots for both west coast teams.

format is single match, double eliminiation, co-op cup style. every team has to have unique characters, and there is to be no character switching.

proposed bracketing is west coast vs east coast and west coast vs texas.

edit: removed money involvement

It’ll be CO-OP style if i remember corectly, 4 team tourney bracket, no round robin due to time constraints:

WC1 Vs. EC or TX
WC2 Vs. EC or TX(that didn’t play WC1)
Winners from each match play eachother to find a winner of the whole event.

Also, Edma took the money out of the event.

After some thinking, this format gives WC a HUGE advantage to win the event…to make it alittle more even, the brackets should be random so that wc1 vs wc2 in the first round is possible.

I believe the tournament is DOUBLE ELIMINATION SINGLE GAME CO-OP style (at least that’s what I proposed) so there’s no real advantage to be had. Oh, and for the last time, the reason Ed proposed this thing in the first place is to see how EC and TX stack up to the WC. Besides there’s no money involved so I don’t see what the problem is.

BTW, starboy, you haven’t given Mighty an answer on that 2 v 2 money match.


…ok but seriously

Good luck to all the teams, elitist or not. I’ll see you guys in singles…


So I realize that this is late, but I talked to Nebraska heads, and they would like in on the “friendly” region battle. Team is already together, and consists of:

JaMarvelous / YooYoung / Cue

And since that’s all that is coming from Nebraska, the rest will be Mid West people:

KLT / Juicy G

What’s good? Can we get in?


Pending Juicy G’s ok.

eh, random seeding is a bad idea… you should just have wc 1 vs. ec, wc2 vs. ec, wc 1 vs. tx, wc2 vs. tx, and tx vs. ec.

Results from that will be enough to know whos the best, and no reason for west coast to play themselves twice. Also, why not just give the 2 empty spots to ricky and emphy since they are technically west coast but just never show to ffa

this shit is gonna be fun to watch go EC gotta hold that shit down

what time is this gonna be happening?


I suggested that idea to George, but I thought Cam and Ari were going to evo…
Cause Floe/Juicy G/Tru Karate/JaMarvelous/YooYoung would’ve be a good team to rep Midwest if it took part…but even then, there would still be same-character conflict.

Its a shame, cause out of Nebraska/Chicago players combined we could make 1 or a couple really good teams that could definitely hang with whoever.

Cam’s not going, and I don’t know about Ari either… But it seems we’re not invited anyways :sad: