WCG April 25-26 Fighters Club SF4 results

thanks to prs, ill make corrections if the results are wrong
second hand reports say 128 ppl entered?

1- Jwong - Abel, Rufus
2- Sabin - Sim/Seth
3- Nestor - Sagat
4- Joe - Sagat
5- Sanford - Ken
5- Rashaan Sim/Viper
7- NerdJosh - Sagat
7- Fascinating - Ryu
9- Damdai - Gief/Viper
9- Min - Bison
9- Smooth Viper - Sagat/Gief
9- Perfect Legend - Akuma
13-17 - Billis, (?) Desmond Welch, Gootecks (Balrog), Wall (Akuma)

EC too gdlk.
Mike Ross is cool peoples, but hes probably done when he comes to the EC next week =P
awesome tourney, everyone come to East Coast Throwdown next weekend!!

Good shit Sabin and Wong.

DS. :frowning:

EDIT: I mean “Savin”.

Who beat who, and with which characters?

Congrats to Justin for winning, and good stuff on Arturo coming second. Seems like Nestor is really stepping it up too, that’s good to see. ECT is going to be fierce…

Good stuff nestor and to all the players who showed up at the tourney.

Damn, good job Arturo, beastin’ lately.

Arturo and Justin played once in winners and then again in the grand final. Justin took the final pretty solidly, but man, their first match was ridiculous. Justin picked Abel, and Arturo won the first match but Justin stuck with Abel. The second game went three rounds with Justin winning. The third and deciding game also went three rounds, ending up with both guys about 15% health and Justin did juggled him somehow (need to see the replay) and hit his Ultra to win the match.

Awesome stuff, congrats to everyone.

Damn just outside making the post (I got “top 24”) but I’m happy I made it that far. Good games to the people I played again (DS, Jackson, Unique, Gootecks, I’m forgetting a lot of my opponents atm but gg’s to you too). Good to meet some people like NerdJosh (congrats on top 8 btw), supermin (no fear in calling out those doa4 players man haha), DS (waking up at 5pm and still making day 2!), Gootecks (nice to talk to someone with big ideas for the scene) and others. Those last matches were crazy especially winners finals between Wong and Art. Me and my brother had an amazing experience. It has become priority #1 to get my ass to ECT. Nice mc’ing on the first set of finals btw Tinshi. See you guys next weekend.

EDIT: Forgot to thank Shag and Kurts for running a smooth tourney. Hope there is another one in the future!

good shit Art, ill see u next weekend.

i play this game now!! lol

Good shit Art. Glad to see a Sim player getting props. How did Gootecks not place top 8?

I played with joe. He is good. But i think i can do better, if i play with him more and get use to play with fightstick. Thanks for (NOAWELL, sorry for the miss typinging) for lending me his fightstick. Thank you :slight_smile:

props to the top placers very fun and exciting night

ya, big thnx shag for running the event.

good meetin all the people of whom i’d met for the first time,(tinshi, mikeinfinite, mr clips)

& all the o.g. heads good seein ya’ll(you guys know who you are). I havent been to a tourney like this since nec. feels like forever

did the final matches get recorded, or did the samsun people tell ya’ll not to?

Nice job Art.

Hey Savin, im happy you got second cause you 0-2’d me in group play, i was the blanka.

Wondering, what did you win? Im sure youll see me in the next upcoming tournaments in nyc

i can beat Art all day…

in tekken.

congrats to the winners, hope you guys are practicing up cause i think the real so cali players are gonna be stepping up and going into some good training sessions before evo. time to bring back the WC/EC drama and get evo hype playas!!! congrats again to jwong/art/nestor, see you guys at evo and hope you all bring your A games!

good shit to top 8!!! how was the tourney, considering its wcg? was it ran well?

couldnt make it, work owns me =( . goodshit nestor. is there a fake so cal? lol =)

Fun tourney guys. Hopefully you all will come to ECT.

Someone answer this, please.


Good shirt Arturo, glad to see you doing well in this game.