WCG Fighter Club, NYC April 25-26. SF4, SC4, DOA4, VF5

WCG Fighter Club

World Cyber Games is throwing an open tournament (free entry) at the Samsung Experience on the weekend of April 25-26

Samsung Experience
10 Columbus Cir # 3 (59th & Broadway)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 823-9520

Games are Dead or Alive 4, Soul Calibur 4, Street Fighter 4 and Virtua Fighter 5

All games will be played on X360


  1. $2,000 ($500 per game)
  2. Samsung Product
  3. Schwag

Each tournament is expected to be group play followed by an eight person double elimination bracket but are subject to change by the tournament administrators to best suit the event.

Participants MAY sign up for multiple tournaments, which will span across the weekend.

Street Fighter 4 - (Best of 5 rounds, best of 3 games) Default settings, random stage
Gouken and Seth are banned

Soul Calibur 4 - (Best of 5 rounds, best of 3 games) Default settings, random stage
Yoda is banned

Dead or Alive 4 - (Best of 5 rounds, best of 3 games) Default settings, random stage (no danger zone)

VF5 - (Best of 5 rounds, best of 3 games) Default settings, random stage
Dural is banned

You must register at this site! Space is limited!

For more info please visit the official site

Note: I am not a WCG official. I have no say on the rules at the moment but I’m trying to change the Gouken/Seth ban. I also do not know which day each game will be played.

Just bumping this to let any registrant know that the schedule for this weekend has been posted. Also for any people that didn’t sign up that are still interested you can still sign up and take the place of a registrant that doesn’t show up! See you guys this Saturday!

EDIT: For anyone one that were upset with the ruling they had with Seth and Gouken, they have reversed the ruling and all characters can be used!

wow how did they know about the seeds man? wow

haha yeah seriously, every named player has a free as hell bracket (edit: except hyuga, sorta, but fubarduck isnt going).

might show up depends how i feel looks good though alot of tourneys set I see.

im in a reserved spot tho : ( #7 :frowning: : (


Did you signup Andy? I didn’t recall seeing your name.

Who’s the named player in group 11?

What do you guys think?
Im in the waiting list, should i even bother going?

^ I think you should still go because lot of people probably wont show up. its usually like that with online registrations.

I am on the waiting list too I guess. I wanna go for the random hype n shit :looney:

im going to the fighter club for sf4 but whats the deal with the joysticks… i don’t have one for that console…

i cant make this anymore, enjoy your free spot, someone

Can I take it? My name will be Ken SK for the day. :wink:

they’re gonna give away the spot, please dont use my name, even if you win i dont want my name on the results if i didnt go lol

I know, it was a joke. I think I have to get there at 9 anyway to take your spot, and I’m planning to get there around 10 so nevermind. If I can’t compete, I’ll just watch.

Be there by 9, coming from NJ? Fuck that.


well im gonna try n make it anyway but

its gonna be tight

^ same

yo citiofbrass, i say sf4 crack session after this what u think?