WCG: Ultimate Gamer feat. Virtua Fighter 5


Posted up on Haunts’ site, iPlayWinner.com… he got it from SegaNerds.

Sure, if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s pretty much Video Games+Survivor… But this is proof that Fighting Games is serious business…

This show put everything into it that matters to fighting game enthusiasts… Money, dominating your opponent, the stereotypical Asian gamer, catfights and drama… and even true love was on the line!

And how do you know it’s really true love? Let’s face it, when you’re giving your lucky beanie to the hottie gamer in the house, with the chance that you might NEVER see it again… That’s how you know. And you know she really loved him FOR SURE… “I can’t see you IRL anymore, but I really hope we can play on XBOX LIVE with eachother.”

Fighting Games. Serious Business.

Been watching this on TV the past couple weeks and I actually think it’s rather entertaining… though it seems like some of the “gamers” at the house really don’t have too much skill when it comes to overall gaming talent.

I :lol: at the XBox Live comment at the end of the episode.