WCG: Ultimate Gamer with Virtua Fighter 5

I didnt see this posted so sorry if this is a repost but I found this clip today which is actually pretty entertaining. Not really any high level play but there is an appearance by top player AdamYUKI teaching this dude how to play.

WCG: Ultimate Gamer is a reality show about gaming btw, and this is just one of the games the contestants have to play in. Check it out…

wtf! Hillarious.

I do however prefer cooking with Dave.

off topic, but on

i would so bang that red head w/ the school girl getup…:badboy:

Amusing stuff.

hey its adam

wow what a shitty show. they’re looking for the best gamer and they partly score them on a physical challenge and they determine the best VF5 player by an arcade score attack? :rofl:

Alyson would get it though and that ciji chicks makes me long for a world without hot topic and guitar hero.


but yeah the physical aspect of the show is kind of like wtf? Who cares, just have them compete at games.

Kelly did the Potter hat throw down when she lost.

Fighting games are serious business, even when you suck.

The show is still entertaining, it’s fun watching people who think they are pros at all games because of one game get destroyed like nothing by the CPU.

yea, that match between those two girls, you seen more of there face then the fucking match. i mean yea, they suck, but the match is the whole point of the show isn’t it?

what amazes me is that the people there who are supposed to be good at fighting games got peaced out by arcade score attack. The AI in vf5 isn’t that hard.

I still enjoyed watching the show. It’s cheesy but entertaining.

Dante’s gonna win this shit, he’s got a background in martial arts.

Ring out…RING OUT!!!

I’m pretty bummed about the final results. Pretty embarrassing to watch though.

:rofl: that was hilarious

I like this show. It has everything.

yeah this show is entertaining because it’s shitty

i’ve only been watching it because Geoff (Incontrol) posts on one of the same forums as me and he’s incredibly amusing there.

lol, wtf everyone but 2 people lost to pai.
damn, the so called pros sucks.

lol if only jeff had the paul phoenix hairdue :rofl::rofl:

lol VF5 difficulty is notorious for a huge spike after the 3rd stage.

What made me sad as fuck was nobody didn’t kno how to do a fucking throw. It pained me to see Kage being played without a single stance change or izuna drop.

I would give it to Alyson so HARD

I caught a bit of this while channel surfing, they played like 4 rounds of VF5 (I’m not even sure they were playing, it looks like they were sandbagging or their faces were superimposed onto some stock VF5 footage) and then went into this argument about how the asian guy is overly dramatic about everything

A sad day when VF5 needs teen drama to be interesting enough for TV :shake: