WCG: Ultimate Gamer with Virtua Fighter 5

haha yeah I was like WTF no ten foot toss!?

Oh man, this whole thing just reminded me why I don’t watch television anymore. It’s just another generic reality show, only with video games. So formulaic you could see every twist and turn coming. Not to mention the video game thing is done in the worst way possible, playing score attack? They fly in Adam Yuki to teach a guy how to mash buttons against the CPU, who thought that was a good idea? Seriously?

I can’t think of much that would be more boring than watching someone playing score attack, so of course they actually come up with it, make the chick who got the worst score face up against some other girl who the annoying Asian-hipster-drama queen thought would lose. Toss in some teenage angst, and nine rounds of feeble Kage versus Sarah play in a ridiculously overproduced event, and you’ve made something where the only reason I wanted to watch until the end was to see how bad of a trainwreck it would become.

I mean, it’s not like I was expecting much. But oh man, it was so bad.

If Marvel gets a new release, I would love to see them play it, and their reaction when losing of course :rofl:

It’s because everything that people ingrained in their minds to do in a match doesn’t work vs AI. It’s not hard, just a completely different game.