We already defeated Sheng-long! The Akuma Video Thread



I didn’t see a video thread so i decided to make one. I’m going to put the vids in a Vs. match-up format.

Akuma/gouki’s kanji is ???

Japanese players:

??? - Youtube translate this as “Subaru mikage” I’ve also seen him play ken and ryu.


Aji - I’ve seen him in game chariot videos. Also plays dhalsim and others.



[media=youtube]HJ-bUvCSpzs[/media] ???VS???
[media=youtube]PcvCiIokVLo&feature=related[/media] ???VS???
[media=youtube]M2gBIGvQMA0[/media] - ???VS???

[media=youtube]HTRbXpRKeuk&feature=related[/media] ???VS?NO NAME???

El Fuerte

[media=youtube]Cpnx24OLWec&feature=PlayList&p=39F33DAF8CE53C0B&index=84[/media] ???VS???


[media=youtube]jNFwoqAdvfo&feature=related[/media] ???VS???


[media=youtube]bW4SGaKQkuU&feature=PlayList&p=39F33DAF8CE53C0B&index=12[/media] ???VS?AJI???

[media=youtube]QtbSfX0jPmI&feature=PlayList&p=39F33DAF8CE53C0B&index=36[/media] ???VS?AJI???

[media=youtube]W9WsBNOs2EQ&feature=PlayList&p=39F33DAF8CE53C0B&index=57[/media] ???VS???

[media=youtube]sIMmfNUqorE&feature=PlayList&p=39F33DAF8CE53C0B&index=94[/media] ???VS?FZ???

[media=youtube]5hiev0gBJhQ&feature=PlayList&p=39F33DAF8CE53C0B&index=95[/media] ???VS???

[media=youtube]JkehnMe1orU&feature=PlayList&p=39F33DAF8CE53C0B&index=107[/media] ???VS???


[media=youtube]3cnUbcfcMUQ&feature=PlayList&p=39F33DAF8CE53C0B&index=55[/media] ???VS???

[media=youtube]DBRDSHofIuU&feature=PlayList&p=39F33DAF8CE53C0B&index=56[/media] ???VS???


[media=youtube]A1jC3prj98Q&feature=PlayList&p=39F33DAF8CE53C0B&index=87[/media] Shadow???VS???


[media=youtube]9rVAQssLpmE&feature=PlayList&p=39F33DAF8CE53C0B&index=92[/media] ???VS???

If you find anymore vids/players/anything post up and I’ll edit the first post. I’ll update this regularly.


awesome collection of vids, great job man


Hey, for the Rufus one, when he gets Ultra SGS’s, he really couldn’t get out of that set up? That’s good news for me. I’m gonna try it next time I go back to CF.


Yes, he could have. You can ALWAYS jump away from Ultra SGS, unless you’re being grabbed out of startup or recovery. And, to my knowledge, yes, this even means you can jump away at point blank, because the Ultra doesn’t automatically go into the grab.

Note the close MP didn’t combo, otherwise the counter would have shown 28 hits.


it was a cr. HP and it hit counterhit; maybe there’s some added frames of hitstun where you’re also vulnerable to grabs on counterhit?


cool vids :tup:


I’ve seen Kakkyun get punked by the SGS a lot already. :rofl:


No, it was close MP. Look how Akuma’s back is turned towards the player. Still a counter hit, but irrelevant. It would have comboed if there was no way for Rufus to escape, but it didn’t, because it can’t in that situation.

Any extra frames you might get from counter hit wouldn’t mean crap, because unless you’re getting someone in recovery or startup, Akuma still warps on the spot for a good whole second before he grabs, even at point blank.

The only way I’ve seen or managed to get Ultra comboed is off an SA crumple or after stun, to be honest.

Ultra Demon sucks, IMHO, but you’ll almost never get to use the super :confused:


Some gameplay from the Gouken thread, it’s against AI but this guy has some pretty solid rushdown and great SGS usage.


Seriously a decent match against the AI, that Akuma’s SGS usage was pretty much perfect the whole video.

at 4:36 what he does looks pretty nuts, anybody explain what’s going on there?


Its best use isn’t in that you get to USE it all the time, its in the THREAT of getting to use it. Being able to punish random whiffed (or sometimes blocked) Flash Kicks, Ultras, SRKs, etc puts the fear into your opponent, causing them to play safer than they otherwise would.


Very true. Its a lot like the old school thought of Super Turbo Ryu being a more powerful character with Super Meter just because he has it. He doesnt even have to use it its the threat that he could that ups his game so much and changes how his oppents approach him. The SGS Ultra looks to be similar in practice.


Agreed, the opponent will playing cautious like crazy to avoid not being caught by the ultra raging demon…


Yar, it’s taken me a while to realise it, but what you’re saying is right.


I love this vid, this is what i’m talking about…raging demon ownage. :rock: :nunchuck:


Damn, these videos really own.

Akuma is going to be #1 on this game. Forget a Seth.


JR landing Ultra SGS like nothing. [media=youtube]z6g0UW4u0Kw[/media]

Can’t wait for this game to come out on console…


looky wat i found =)


that SAME matchup at Evo2k3 and 2k4 for 3s is gonna happen in this game too lol



Some of the main highlights start early on at :19 then later on at 4:40 until the end.



Very nice Vids.





"I don’t need to punish you bitch, just watch the clock"
I guess turtling with Akuma is a good alternative (it’s boring as hell, but gets the job done) to the calssic rushdown playstyle.