We already defeated Sheng-long! The Akuma Video Thread




Yes, it only works on chun li so far. I’v been trying other characters as well.


Not trying to burst your bubble, but people have been doing that since Vanilla. After all these years I’ve only ever done it once in a match.


crlp cl.hp xx fireball, sweep is the main combo to look for mid screen on crouching Chun.
The corner metterless hp xx fireball, sweep on Chun and Fuerte also.


Chun specific. Her hit boxes interact strangely with fireballs.


Chun and Fuerte crouching in corner.
don’t you get the link ? Char specific Combos : Hurtbox madness


Oh really, So send me a link of someone doing that akuma combo…


Some new Tokido matches:



“Will leave it to you to figure out the inputs.”



cl.HP, :qcf: :lp: :lp: :f: :lk: :hp:
Very hard to figure !




Sry for the late reply bro. Most of those ppl are on my FL thats how I know.
Btw Sonyono, Smug D Beast and AlexTMyers asked JR for a FT5 recently and JR said “no I dont want to play” to all 3


lol ok then. btw have u stopped stalking him on utube?





Me (Claw) vs. Nima (Akuma)


vs a friend who plays a solid Akuma ( 2nd and last match )


All of Akuma’s faults in one video! Enjoy!

I really hope Capcom reconsider everything about Akuma’s changes and etc!