We already defeated Sheng-long! The Akuma Video Thread



Aw snap. I bet that rufus player was pretty ticked after that match.


Wow, GrandMaster Gouki my arse…
That was just lame. Gouki is supposed to be played offensively, not like this. Sure, you CAN play like that, but man, there’s no damn honor in it.




Momochi is THE Akuma.
Smooth execution in there.


Best Akuma player Ive ever seen! Hes tied with Daigo, cant wait to see their 5th match.


Gotta do what you can to win. If that’s what it takes to beat Rufus, DO IT.:chainsaw:

You see the way he punished Daigo’s focus attack with Ultra SGS and got the KO?


Wow,he was churning out that hurricane kick combo like it was nothing.


Momochi scores a reverse OCV on A-cho’s Capcom Olympics:



That first video had probably the best defensive Akuma I’ve ever seen.


The more vids I see of Momochi, the more I realize SFIV Akuma is meant to play 100% defensive.
Wait for that opportunity, and crush them with one powerful combo.

Kinda reminds me to Kuroda’s playstyle.


It does seem like offensive Akuma has a lot of high risk/high reward. Demon Flip can be AAed. Footsie game can be focused (though RH can beat that since it’s 2 hits). In the long run, it’s probably not worth it because of his low stamina.


From the looks of it: 3S Gouki > SFIV Gouki. I enjoy playing with him in 3S, I like his aggressive play style, but his slow defensive tactics in SFIV do not appeal to me.


Akuma has great offensive techniques, it all depends on you.

Check out this video, third round: http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=1GqyfnuhAiQ

Thats how you should play agressively with Akuma.


Nice vids, have to watch most of these vids. Thanks a bunch.


akumas a beast as always


Someone said, and gave me nega-rep…: “Winning when you can = honor. Giving up a win to be cool = stupid.”

I don’t call playing offensively “cool”, nor “stupid”. Nor do I call defensive play lame. However the sort of defense shown in that Gouki vs Rufus match isn’t fun, nor honorable. When both opponents fight the fair fight, then it is honorable. Aiming for a time-over victory may be clever, but it is nowhere close to honorable.

To give up a victory to be cool however I agree with, it is stupid.

Can’t be more true than that!

The problem I have with this however, is that Gouki players may start to aim for time-over wins from the very beginning of a game. I doubt anyone would like to face such a player.


Some good Machi matches here: http://nsb.blog.shinobi.jp/Entry/18/

Fisrt video, nice one against Sagat, starting at 12:00. The third video also has Machi playing, around 10:00.


Those are reeeeeally old.
They’re posted on my YT channel BTW.


anyone got any vids of akuma going at it NO DEFENCE JUST GOING FOR THE KILL:wgrin:


only against CPU, search rival vids of Akuma like “Akuma vs ryu, gouken, seth rival fight” or something of the sort. Most the vids like that are akuma’s just beasting with offense.


Nice vids!