We already defeated Sheng-long! The Akuma Video Thread



Are you referring to Infiltration vs Filipino Champ at Canada Cup? He didn’t play as recklessly as Tokido did, but he always tried to close the distance as quickly as possible using dive kick; he mixed in plenty of neutral jumps to avoid being predictable. I think one of Tokido’s mistakes was over-committing to Demon Flips to serve the same purpose, as Champ used slide underneath --> back throw to punish it a few times. FA --> forward dash is a great tool to bypass Dhalsim’s limbs at mid-range.


Infiltration VS Laugh (AK vs RY) at 3:34:25

Infiltration casuals both sides of this match also.


If someone can paste a link and time for the Infiltration brackets, thanks. I saw the finals only and wanna see how he got to losers.


I don’t have any bracket info, but he used Gouken and lost to KnuckleDu’s Guile 2-0, pretty sure it was during top 16. I think the Guile player is like 15-16 years old, sure made me feel like shit lol, he’s very Solid though and doesn’t play your typical lame Guile play, he’s pretty offensive.

It’s pretty weird to think that Infiltration has the Best Akuma in the world when he prefers to use other characters in certain matchups, like Gouken vs Guile, Hakan vs Sim, Ryu vs Rufus…etc


Final Round AE Top 16:

Matches begin at 4:55:05.


Damn he make Ricky looks a bit free with his Ryu. I watched this Day 3 replays but for some reason missed the Ryu match. I guess the Gouken match wasn’t streamed ?
He just scare the shit out of everyone it seems. Even Ryan was holding back all the time.
It’s not about the char, it’s his brain that is OP.


As previously mentioned by someone, he breaths godly fear into every single person right now. No one wants to fight him and when they do they’re scared shitless (:

As for Ryan, the man is broken by Infiltration even before the fight starts, he owned him at every single event that he attended, he stripped him from winning Dreamhack what, 3-4 times in a row now? Any resolve Ryan has to win fades after the 1st game and it’s just going worse and worse from there. Also, as I myself said before, I don’t believe there is ANY player in the world right now that can defeat infiltration in a long set. 6 games to win? Ryan could’ve just stood up and walk away immediately, wouldn’t change a goddamn thing.

Also I don’t like Ryans play nor his attitude ): Bonchan Sagat ftw.


I don’t know about his bad attitudes, I always see him being respectful and gentle, unlike Sandford… But I’m around only for 2 years, and I probably missed a lot of tourney action.
Anyway, I would love to see a major with Sako, Haitani, KojiKog, YHC Mochi, Momochi, Kazunoko, Fuudo, Uryo, Kindevu, Iyo, Nemo, and Infiltration. Beautifull matches with true footsies and setups where Yomi is pushed to the highest level.
Someone should organize Infiltration vs Japan for the fun of it. Maybe with a charity goal or something like Daigo was doing.


Kazunoko says hello. That guy doesn’t give a fuck about anyone, non FADC-able upkicks all day long lol.


Yeah, I was going to mention Kazunoko as being the probable excepetion, but then decided not to. And have he and Infiltration ever played a long set? I don’t recall it.

But yeah, Kazunoko is one hell of a douchebag, he playes so disrespectful, just does whatever the fuck he wants all day every day, and on top of that, he’s actually really good. If there’s one player (but really, it’s not about the player, it’s about the character he uses) that I’m afraid Infiltration can’t steamroll through, that would probably be Kazunoko, and perhaps Sako (again, it’s more about the character there as well).


I finaly got to see that Gouken vs Guile match, this Knucledu isn’t bad, very confident and aggressive Guile. Feels good to have fresh blood in tournament.

Anyone have the reason why Infiltraton left Madcatz ?


They did and Kazunoko won.


Yun aside, Tokido seems to be hellbent on murdering every Cammy on the planet. Sits there in downback, converts them to death. Bare minimum jumping. It’s really strange to watch, but oddly entertaining.


Haven’t been active here lately. Let me just leave these here.



This isn’t SF4 related, but didn’t want to create a whole new thread for it and I thought it’s pretty damn awesome lol :

Only thing missing was a raging demon =(


Great vid, very creative, saw it on eventhubs, I thought that the raging demon was definitely a miss, shouldve finished the movie with that instead of messatsu gohadou. Also, the hell Akuma has Dhalsims limbs? oO


@Stunfest 2013


VS Mizoteru



Great Akuma play.

YF24 asked JR recently to challenge players who are in the 4500 PP range like DRS Chris, PR Palrog or xwax solid in a FT10 for YF24s channel
yet no response by JR yet…