We already defeated Sheng-long! The Akuma Video Thread



how do you know that?


Playlist of Akuma in SSF4


yeah um…help plz (match is at 6:04:37, n yes i know im handsome)


Are you asking for help with that match, or criticism? Because you played pretty solid, but then it’s almost like you froze in many spots and kind of gave away the first match. Bad/unprotected teleports, failed air fireball (unless that air jab was intentional) and in the second round it’s like you wanted to lose, thought you had it without using meter or were just anxious. After that crumple you could have ended it with an FADC combo.


criticism tho urs was good enuff. this was my first major


Try to stay on the ground more. When Cammy doesn’t have meter, there’s no need to go in. She has no tools to get around your fb/ground game without taking a risk on her part. It’s difficult, but always be ready to anti-air her jump ins and dive kicks. There’s a few times she jumped in, but you chose to try to focus instead of a hitting her with a guaranteed DP.

Also, try not to rely on focus attacks as jump in punishes as much in this matchup. Good Cammy’s will just use 2n1s and break your focus before you’re even able to backdash and recover. Even on the ground, the better Cammy’s will break your focus when up close.

Lastly, it’s difficult in the heat of the moment, but try to always do max damage combos, especially if it’s for the guaranteed win. Second round of first game when you land focus in the corner. You went for a knockdown combo. That’s good. Then a few seconds later you landed a df dk, but chose to do cr. mp, lk. tatsu, cr. lp. reset to df throw (which missed, and usually misses on better players, and also results in eating a fatty DP). If instead, you chose something like df dk, cr. lp, st. hp, fb, fadc, st. hp., fb, lk. tatsu, hp dp, it prolly would’ve killed her or been really close to it.

Overall gg. Just need some slight adjustments, that I’m sure you noticed after rewatching the vid. :slight_smile:


Damn the guy at 5:24 know his game !
I need to try the DF throw, dash, step back, jump mk too !


my match on utube. go here if dont wanna deal with the other matches


SEAM2013 SF4 DM MCZ Xian (GEN) vs MCZ Tokido (Akuma) Losers Semis


Some Tokidoki and Eita:



good game , down to the last round… … who did you lose to in losers? and what players did you beat to make it this far…

clearly i have no idea how to add a video to these forums anymore…


My Akuma Fireball loop “Luci Special”


this char specific or universal?



Yes, it only works on chun li so far. I’v been trying other characters as well.


Not trying to burst your bubble, but people have been doing that since Vanilla. After all these years I’ve only ever done it once in a match.


crlp cl.hp xx fireball, sweep is the main combo to look for mid screen on crouching Chun.
The corner metterless hp xx fireball, sweep on Chun and Fuerte also.


Chun specific. Her hit boxes interact strangely with fireballs.


Chun and Fuerte crouching in corner.
don’t you get the link ? Char specific Combos : Hurtbox madness


Oh really, So send me a link of someone doing that akuma combo…