We are the Guardians of the Galaxy - Rocket Raccoon Team Building Thread

With his miniature size, countless traps, and burrowing, this little creature will be a hindrance to deal with just by himself. In this thread we discuss how to make him even MORE annoying with the right team and assists! Also feel free to talk about other characters and how they benefit from Rocky’s assist, DHCs, etc.

Personally, I use characters that I like, or can manage to use. ATM I use Ammy/Skrull/Task since it’s all Ive got; In ultimate I will try Rocket Raccoon, Amaterasu and Nova on one team. Ammy will either be lead or second, I never use her last(Personal dislike).

  • From what I saw for RR, Cold Star doing what it does best for locking down an enemy will be nice. But with his pseudo teleporting before the assist hits, it could even possibly cross up for a combo.
  • I have some combos in mind I’d like to try, but I have to wait till I can do it myself, otherwise Im not speaking about it. But I do think I can manage somethign nice with one of Skrulls Assist.
  • Going from what I’ve seen with Nova, I think I can make him work decently enough with RR. Of course I barely know anything of these two characters, but I have a nice imagination for what I think will work, I just have to wait and see if it was just a dream.

I Definitly Like your style. same goes for me I use characters I like. even if they share bad synergy I will still use them.

As For me Im gonna Be using my Team of Viewtiful Joe, Rocket Raccoon & Vergil. In that order
His Burrow ability Is gonna be very useful for rushing. I don’t Know yet how im gonna use Vergil’s and Joe’s assist to help his rushdown but ill find a way.
I definitly Cant Wait To see how I can abuse Joe’s Slow-Mo Super with Rocket. Right now I havent really thought of anything But I just know I’ll find something!
Ill be using Pendulem assist which Might Really help viewtiful Joes combo potential since he does not have a Wall bounce of his own Im really excited to See what I can Do. And vergil is pretty much my anchor with his great mobility, If i ever do use him as point I could See Dimension Slash DHCing Well into Rock’n Roll

I think im gonna stick with this team. I may replace Vergil for someone but Idk just yet, guess I have to wait to find out

Can’t we wait for the game to come out so the first 10 pages aren’t just “I think this sounds good” and it can be “This is good”

Really should have gone with Coon and Friends as a title.

I have been hyped about RR since the leak so many months ago. I plan on basing my team around him entirely if I can. Sure we can not say exactly who will be the perfect team mates for our furry friend, but how about a discussion on who we feel will fill the holes for RR assist wise. Seeing as how we know what assists do for every character in the cast.

Beneficial assists for RR I feel would be the ones that bridge the gap in his close range game. Ammy Cold Star is definitely a stellar option. I am also curious to see how Sent Drones will play out for him. As far as close range combo extenders go Dante Jam Session or Wright Press the Witness might be good options seeing as how RR can OTG himself.

I have seen people talking about RR and Chris being good partners, but I really feel like Chris gets a buff from RR with his Pendulum assist, and not the other way around.

Lawyer/RR/Sent is actually a team I am thinking of messing around with to start.

I think I want to try RR/MODOK/Dormammu. Psionic Blaster should help teleport mixups, and Dark Hole is an ever useful lockdown assist for MODOK. Spitfire twice will probably be the first assist I try to help MODOK approach, but I may end up using log trap.

One of the things about RR is that his log trap assist definitely looks like it’s going to be a strong contender for the best AA assist, alongside Jam Session, so characters like Chris will definitely benefit with Rocky’s assist.

I plan on running Viper with RR as second. I like playing lame with Viper using lots of seismos, and log trap assist looks like it’s going to be the perfect assist against people who jump over seismo height. RR will probably have some crazy rushdown, but I plan on starting out by playing as lame as possible with him, so i’ll probably run either Doom or Magneto as third. First team I’m gonna try out though is Viper/RR/Dante.

Well it’s always good to think ahead so we know what things to look for once the game’s out. Besides, the other new characters already have a thread and much more, so I figure it’s about time we needed one. I’ll try to update the OP regularly once the game’s out.

I want to make RR/Iron Fist/Thor (yes in that order) work but I’m not thinking Thor as anchor would be the best.
Maybe Doom?

Well Unless you really like thor I wouldn’t recommend using him. I mean He might be better in ultimate but I dont think he will Come Close To how good Doom will be.
but if you really like thor Try to get that team to work! Thats what im doing with joe and vergil They might not be good with rocket but ill make it work. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure Spring Trap Joe bomb assist another hyper already works. Doesn’t seem like it wouldn’t.

I’m mainly really hyped that RR has an assist that Joe can really make use of; Spitfire’s blasts are fast enough, but spaced out enough so they provide good lockdown for him when he’s moving in.

Unfortunate that I’ll probably be putting him in third if I’m really going to be using another point character. Otherwise RR’s going second.

I’m going to be using nova ,rr and strange

dunno what order prob that tbh

Gunfire assist + Burrow (or any of RR’s mixups really) sounds pretty good to me. They also have some interesting DHC/THC setups that could go either way. I’m definitely keeping RR on anchor at the moment for that log trap.

That makes sense seeing as how quick Chris’s Gunfire is. Also since it hits quickly potentially from full screen it can assist RR with his sort of weak looking long range game. I might have to explore that when I get a chance. I am going to have to log a lot of lab hours with RR and just about everyone who I think will benefit him in any way.

Ammy, Felicia, RR

Ammy’s overheads work well with Felicia’s Rolling Buckler assist for creating unblockables, not as good as Dante, but good enough. Also elements super DHCs into Kitty Helper well because they are on the ground for a while after lightning which gives the helper some time to make it over there. Felicia’s biggest weakness is anti-air which is why I will use the RR log assist. RR is anchor because he SEEMS to be decent by himself and I will try to land his level 3 super with xfactor level 3.

Also this team is a dog, a cat and a raccoon.

Hey guys I’m going to a tournament the 19th and there is going to be a new character only UMvC3 side tourney so I was thinking I would use RR/Ghost Rider/Firebrand AKA Team Time-Over I’m pretty much locked on RR/Ghost Rider but if anyone know a character they feel would go better please tell me (remember it has to be one of the 12 new characters).

Hawkeye’s Keep away seems much better then Firebrands if your going for a Time-over Themed team

RR Seems SO Punishable with that assist though. I feel like Characters like zero Will be able to just destroy the little guy as soon as you call him seeing how his health is so low.

Oh yeah I always seem to forget about Hawkeye thanks.

No Worries He seems to not get as recognized as the other new characters.