We, As a community, should make a video


And display the reasons why people don’t play the GAME and show them that the bullshit they complain about does not exist, or is not as bad as they think.

Make a video for those fucking anti cross tekken stream monster cock riding capcom hating market bashing event hub comment posting let this game die spamming mother fuckers who think this game is shit; we just blow them the fuck up and watch them try to complain about the market end of the game and not the actual game itself.

We can make a video, under 10 minutes, maybe under 7, and edit it, put dubstep in it or what the fuck ever, give it HD porn quality picture, top fancy transitions and quotes from morons blowing them up with our actual logical content, post it on YouTube, and then spam that shit, as a community to SRK, event hubs, Facebook, MySpace, Instagram with food from cheesecake factory next to it, tumblr, twitter, all of that fucking mainstream shit.

Give people a reason to buy this game again, or play it again because honestly, I know those fucks did not return it in time to gamstop to get good money so it’s sitting on their fucking shelf, collection dust and shit, probably right next to Asuras Wrath. they probably bought the dlc too. and still say that they returned it but we all know you never go back to GameStop to return shit, but they still bought madden and bought the EA sports pass and say capcom does dirty marketing tactics,

I think a video showing the reasons why people hate the game and blowing them up for than irgnorance is a good, and effective way of giving this game publicity and bringing the hype back.

Get top players involved, get well recognized SFxT players involved. This could work!


I’m thinking of maybe doing some podcasts interviews with some people.


here we go again. another hype rally thread for this turd of a game. you cant convince people to play something they dont like. just stop. if you enjoy this “game” than thats fine. but you guys are turning into the skullgirls community with all of your bullshit and trying to shove this game down everyones throat. NO ONE CARES ABOUT SFXT…NO ONE… SO SHUT THE FUCK UP.


Well why don’t people care? Enlighten me

Why is this Kevin Landon’s second favorite game?

Why are players like Justin Wong, gamer bee, infiltration, hellokittyricky, pr rog, snake eyes, gridman, flash metroid, and wolf krone, to name a few, still playing this game?

I mean you must know the answer since you felt the need to come in here and post that,

I want to hear your reasonings,

You’re comparing it to skull girls, how is it the same as skull girls? How are our communities the same.

Let’s keep track of my OPsince that’s the reason why I posted it and not for you to come in here and try to complain about it.


Yeah, but the difference between those two is that Skullgirls is actually a really good game.

The publicity SFxT got should be switched with the plubicity that Skullgirls got.


The reason they still play them is that they get money for playing it. and theres no competition in it. so its basicaly a free paycheck for them. and who gives a shit about kevin landon. dude just got an xbox and is probably hyped on any game he buys. and like i said before, its a free paycheck.


The dedication for this game is exactly how you might feel for SGs.


i dont like SGs. i was just comparing your 2 communities. you guys both like to cram your shitty games down peoples throat. when no on cares for the games.


I don’t know why you’re in here though.


because im tired of you fuckers always trying to cram your game down everyones throat. so im going to come in here and do what you bastards like to do. SPAM SPAM SPAM


Where is our support of this game spammed?

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The roster frog from Parappa said it best. “Money money money, is all you need.” Who wouldn’t play a game if they knew that they could probably score some easy money in?


That must be why Tatsu plays right?

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thats the funny thing. you guys dont have alot of support. you want to know why? because no one cares about sfxt. but the little support you do have and the little community thats left, is annoying as fuck. and its spammed every where on srk. everyday a new thread about saving good ole sfxt.


Where are they in other threads besides the SFxT section? Quote some and post it here, I’m sure their must be a bunch if you took time out of your day…to notice a thread in the “recently post activity” section.

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look its simple. if your game (sfxt) was good in the first place, you wouldnt have to make a video montage to show how fucking awesome it is and make a thread a day about how sfxt should be in evo and blah blah blah. if its a good game(which sfxt is not) than people will naturally play it. please let this game die so we can all move the fuck on. and please, get off the pro players nuts. theyre sponsored players. they live off playing video games. theyll play anything that gets their rent paid. just becuae they play it doesnt mean its a good game.and im willing to bet they say they like sfxt just to get more people to enter the tournaments and get a bigger payout.use your fucking head and think about shit.


Hey hey hey Mr. Defensive. Take a chill pill. I never said anything negative so I don’t know why you’re busting out your wing chun and jeet kune do SFxT defenses. I mean, I don’t HATE SFxT as some people may have boiling hatred for it, but you got to be honest, it just doesn’t have that OOOMPH that some of the other games have at the moment. I on the other hand don’t mind playing it casually for fun and such, but entering a tournament for me with it, I might decline. Every game has its faults and some have more than others. The only fact that I might actually like SFxT is because I can play Vega and Abel at the same time lol


Dude, you’re in the SFxT forum, where this OP was posted. Why are you in here?


That’s funny, because all I see on the “mainstream” sites are combo videos, matches, and exhibitions of MvC, SF4, and persona. You know, that stuff called support. I think an easy statistic could be taken showing the ratio of those games to SFxT, and truly how little SFxT is shown. I get that it works by demand, and that’s fine, but no one is forcing you to click the link. Even as zealous as the community may get, it’s mainly contained to the SFxT boards and a few front page links. The SFxT community is choosing to show their support for a game that makes them happy, even though there are a massive amount of people basically telling them they’re retards for doing so. You’re choosing to deliberately come into a board specifically built for them to show that support, and you’re shitting all over it.

That’s called being a dick. So, you know…good job being a dick I guess.


Dunno’ how much I can add, but I’d be down for that. Been saving matches when I can from endless and a few from ranked, and I do have a couple things I could record that would be interesting material. My only problem right now is recording equipment, which hopefully I can improve by the end of this month.