We don't treat newer players well online

Recently I’ve set forth the challenge to myself to complete the ‘C to Shining C’ achievement. I’m halfway through, but as you can guess, my PP has been constantly between 700-1300 and my BP is always under 1000 for whomever I’m working on. I’ve noticed a change, however, from when I was playing my main and had a PP then rarely dipped below 2200. I’m no stranger to things like hate mail, that came with play Fuerte as my main. However, when playing currently with low numbers and unfamiliar character, I’ve yet to get any messages, but instead have noticed a huge increase in things like tea-bagging, unnecessary amount of taunting, and a change in their game play to taunt the opponent (such as simply playing keep away when I’m at a sliver of health and dragging out the fight unnecessarily). I had never experienced all of these to the vast degree I do now before I started working towards the achievement. It’s a difficult question to ask people as you’d have to be inexperienced to probably run into this yourself, but do you find yourselves treating matches with people who appear new in such a way? How was your initial experiences playing online?

While I see myself as a decently experienced gamer, when it comes to Street Fighter, I still have much to learn.

However, I do know that I am not a total newbie, and I am able to give small amounts of advice to new players.

Whenever I play an obviously new person, I play them at my best. Not to antagonize them, but to give them the competition they deserve. While it’s true new players most likely do not stand a chance when they first step foot into the online world known as Super Street Fighter IV, they will not get any better without getting curb stomped. Hard. Sure, it can be discouraging, but it would not be fair to a new player to troll them or go easy on them for the sake of being new. If a player truly wishes to become better, they most lose, and lose, and lose. Only recently have I been able to fight online and stand a chance, but that was because nobody gave me any chances in the first place.

And after that fight, it’s generally of good taste to send them a friendly PM and thank them for the game and offering any advice that you can to help them improve. And perhaps someday we can rematch them later on and fight again.

at the end of the day he just quit the game because he only wanted to play casually and ended up vsing Damdai at DSP launch party

It’s the internet. Nobody gets treated well.

I think it’s annoying when I search for more skilled and I still get to fight complete noobs. Tho I noticed something among new players. They know quite a few combos, FADC Ultra and such, but they suck at the most basic aspects of the game.

i don’t think it’s the best strategy to focus on combos right off the bat for a game like SF, it isn’t emphasized that much, not like other fighters anyway.

The matchmaking system is worthless for SF4.

And you can’t blame noobs for knowing combos but not fundamentals. The “tutorial” section of the vast majority of fighting games ONLY focus on combos. Defense, spacing, the fireball game, might get a paragraph mention somewhere in there, but it’s not really as exciting as learning a useless combo. Combos are what make the game exciting and what draws the attention of spectators and new players, and thus every new player thinks that the key to being a good player is doing good combos.

It’s not helped by the fact that modern fighting game design puts a stronger emphasis on knowing and executing combos over basic strategy.

the community knows it too. someone asks for modern game advice (SF4, Marvel 3, KOF 13) and one of the first responses is “go into training mode and learn your basic combos.” would anyone have said that for ST, 3s, CVS2? it’s backwards. you should be learning spacing, zoning, footsies, and defense first, then maximizing combos for punish situations after. and the game should reward that primarily.

online SF4 is just the opposite. new people know a few combos but not how to earn them or play a solid game. so they spend the match looking for gimmicky ways to get into the only part of the match they feel comfortable with - the part where they’ve pushing a pre-rehearsed set of buttons safely.

The more sensible among us are quick to point out the flaws in their ways. Usually if someone actually suggests ‘learn combos!’ someone usually comes along and points out the importance of solid fundamentals first and foremost.

But that being said, when the vast majority of players are primarily interested in learning cool and fancy combos, you’re going to get players who still maintain learning combos first. At times, it’s hard to argue this point, since even in SF games like SF4 or SFxT, it really is pretty important to learn basic hit confirm combos even at an early stage. For Marvel, well, you’re basically useless if you can’t do simple magic series combos.

I have a similar philosophy, except I just find their weakness (usually jumping) and downback + AA. Then I tell them to find a way to get some offense going without jumping if they want to improve

You are absolutely right…we dont treat new players well and wats even worst we dont treat each other well … I know , I get consumed myself sometimes with hate&rage and if I could I would literaly beat to death my oponent in real life but thats how the game is… street fighter brings out the worst of us …
Now that I reached my goal when it comes to my PP/BP/Rank I see it ass my duty to find some new pLyers and teach them as much as I can about the game, the Mtchups Nd show them their weakneses … I allways have 1 or 2 noobs in my friend list that I use as bags for combo and new tech practice (I am a scumbag I know :wink: ) and in return I teach them and tell them what to do…
I think everyone can find a punchbag-student and teach him how to play the game better

I treat everyone nice. I even send encouraging messages or tips if I see someone losing to me the same way over and over. It’s all of our jobs to raise the community up so we ourselves are part of a stronger more talented community.

Just get good, cause once you get good people take you serious… well I guess that’s how arcades work… Lol
I started real fgs( played melee before but not sure if you can count it) in jan 2012
I remember some one dude said my Yun was trash even though I barely started playing AE in summer 2012, he’s been playing at the arcade and online since super-_- now I’m blowing him up sometimes( he’s like 4000+ pp) with command grabs and cross up dive kicks, but most of the time we go even now… paybacks a b****… And the thing that makes it more rewarding is the fact that he plays Cammy… =]

I’m a new person at least compared to most here. I started after thanksgiving 2012 (last year), so have only been playing a couple months. My initial experiences weren’t that bad, got taunted a few times that’s bout it. One person messaged me angrily bout mashing, but when I replied that I was simply trying to do certain combos (but failing miserably) the person apologized.

Players, I find taunt FAR more now than they did when SF4 first came out. I think the disrespectful behavior we’re seeing is b/c its an old game and people are generally more skilled now. The tougher the competition, the saltier people get. I think the only real fix is for people to start friending players they like playing and hope that the next FG you play has better matchmaking. It would probably be good in- game if it was as easy to compliment another player ( idk- too corny?) as it was to mock them, but I wouldn’t expect it, we are afterall trying to KO the other player. I get your point though, we should be cooler to attract and retain more players.

I am respectful to all players, I don’t taunt. If I run into an obviously new player, I will go easy on them. There have been times that I was tempted to give them advice or direct them to this site, but I have to admit I don’t. I thought it might be presumptuous on my part to do that and am hopeful that they would just find helpful sites if they are interested enough by just googling it.

I’m not going to front, I have my bad moments too. I’ve managed it to a point where I only message newer players and point out the small things I noticed. I’m not a wealth of knowledge but every message is a possibility for that hunger to get better.

The community desperately needs more players like you.

My zonk knuckle often hit my opponent to dizzy, but i didn’t took that oppoturnity and let him away…

Not necessarily a new player, but a noob (4+ years of crappy gameplay in MBAC/SF4-AE/SFxT). As such, there are certain behaviours in the community, that flat out discourage me from trying or caring about getting better.

People who don’t give it their all/want to go easy on you.
-A seemingly noble intention, however its consequences make it far worse than it seems at first. I won’t learn shit if you intentionally play worse out of pity. If anything, it brings bad habits and false illusion of accomplishment, only leading to bitterness when someone else slaps me back into reality. Keep it real, let us struggle. We will thank you later.

People who leave or kick after a match or two or upon their first loss (Endless).
-A very frustrating practice that discourages from bothering to queue up for more games. It’s seriously mentally exhausting if this happens several times in a row.

People who pick MY main just to show me I suck with it.
-This might be personal, but win or lose, it just pisses me off. Don’t do it unless you have a valid reason to do so (offering to show some insight, the character being one of your alts, etc.).

People, who Immediately start picking troll characters and play in such a way when they realize how good/bad you are.
-You’re wasting both my AND your time. You’re making someone’s day worse for a couple of cheap laughs. If you’re part of the FGC, why should anyone outside of it want to belong? You’re making it look like a bunch of elitist jerks. It’s selfish, damaging the community as a whole and indirectly insulting all the great players/commentators who try their best to see the FGC grow (Alex Valle, Aris, Gootecks, Spooky, SRK, Ultradavid & James Chen, etc.).

Next time you fight a noob, please think about these. What’s wrong with having a couple quality matches and building a mutual respect/friendly rivalry between each other?

…you guys all realize that there are children playing video games online, right?

I get my ass kicked by eight-year-olds online all the time. Eight-year-olds, dude.