We have to change the way we treat one another. It's time to make that change


We are part of the best gaming community on the planet, the Fighting Game Community. I’ve been noticing that we are being hostile to one another for no apparent reason at all. Please if you are mad in real life do not take it out on your Fighting Game Brother/Sister.

We are a community and we should be setting an example for the other communities out there. We need to respect each other, their opinions, and most importantly respect your self. Life does get better. LIFE DOES GET BETTER. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

We need to change they way we type. Change the way we read. Change they way we love.

So do you want to make this community a better place and take it levels beyond our imagination. If we do this, then WE CAN DO ANYTHING. So take a look and make that change.

Are you going to make that change? I know I am. Im going to make that change and Im starting with me.


I’m going to push you and steal your Legos.

But only because I love you.


You are a good person. Good fighter.


We’ve been doing that the whole time.
It’s just some people are really stupid or don’t realize this is a competitive site.

“Spamming is so cheap, no honor”
“Where is the sportsmanship guyz!”
“Where’s MegaMan?! C’mon CRAPCOM HURR HURR”
“LOL IWBTG at EVO! PogChamp! Kappa! DansGame! Best thing everz! lololololol”

I like this community as is. Except for that junk up there ^^^


I have trouble believing that there is one big “community” of fighting game players. Seems like a lot of separate communities to me.


This should probably be in FGD or something, there is a lot of angry people in GD.


I laughed when I read "Life does get better"
Yes we’re hostile towards each other for no reason. We also know better than to take anything too seriously. NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF!



The fuck…?


I could replace the words “gaming community” and “community” with “nation”. Then I could replace “Fighting Game” with “America(n)”. There you have it, typical election season vague propaganda bullshit. Be original and get the fuck out of here.


I can’t take this topic seriously because OP comes off like this:


dude is clearly on some kind of drugs. we don’t take kindly to drugged out fuck holes on this site, fuck hole.


Man that 1st post sounds like some PBS bullshit…

We are just a bunch of niggas that hang around and play fighting games, what more do you want from us?

That nigga is prolly trolling tho… I’m sure he knows this…

lol at SRK setting an example for the world…


Look, we get it. Man in the Mirror is a great song.


This ain’t fucking Woodstock, get your love and feelings the fuck out of my SRK.


Fuck you.