"We Hot" by Swisher Davyeon & Serge Mr. Blue


The Rap Thread: News, Reviews, Rants & Opinions: Volume 9 - Yes, we know "Hip Hop"

You kids


Dr. B 2.0?


Don’t insult Dr.B like that he’s not that bad.

“We hot you not”…let me take a few moments to decompress and truly appreciate the full extent of the incisive word play on display, these bars must have taken you hours I feel like I’m in prison, make sure your shit is copyrighted you don’t want Nas or Aesop Rock biting your unique, complex lyricism. I also applaud the never ending creativity of these bars first you rhyme level with devil and in the next bar rhyme devil with level again…truly awe inspiring is your wittiness.

However, someone may have a problem with you guys jacking their “we’re too gay to be taken seriously” schtick:


You guys rock!


Hey guys I can post videos too, that are relevant to the thread even.