We like wearing heels! Poison General Discussion/Q&A Thread

All general discussion and questions. I’m going to be updating the OP a lot with a lot of common questions and/or information that’s worth knowing for a beginner to Poison (as the usual General Discussion threads go).


[details=Spoiler]What are Poison’s best anti-airs?
crouching HP, st. HK, HK Kissed By a Goddess (DP), EX Kissed By a Goddess (DP), st. MP
(will add ranges and uses upon release)

What are Poison’s best pokes?
crouching MK - great range, special cancelable. Good to buffer MP WOL into it or LP AE.
more to come…

What are Poison’s best air-to-airs?
j. HK
more to come…[/details]


[details=Spoiler] **Are any of Poison’s specials safe? **
Whip of Love (x1) (Rekka)
WOL: -4 on block
EX WOL: -3 on block

Love Me Tender (Flip Kick)
Regular Versions: -1
EX Version: +2

Aeolus Edge (Fireball)
Light: 0 on hit, -3 on block
Medium: +3 on hit, 0 on block
Heavy: +10 on hit, +7 on block
EX FB: +4 on hit, +2 on block

** How can I land Ultra 1? **
Anti-Air: further out jumps
EX Whip of Love: fourth hit follow up
Kiss by a Goddess: FADC follow up
AA HP Fireball: EX FB > U1
more to come…

** How can I land Ultra 2? **
Ultra 2 is strictly a punish ultra. It’s meant to punish certain moves and has no real combo ability outside of a focus attack crumble (Red Focus Attack included)[/details]

Match-Up Questions

[details=Spoiler]**What are Poison’s worst matches? **
6/6/14 - Akuma seems to be really bad at the moment. (more to come)

** What are Poison’s best matches? **
6/6/14 - She seems to do well versus any characters who have trouble with fireballs (Grapplers) (more to come)[/details]

Misc. Questions

[details=Spoiler]** What are Poison’s strengths? **
Zoning, corner pressure seems lethal right now as well. (more to come)

**What are her weaknesses? **
Her damage output seems on the lower side
Slow walk speed

**What is Poison’s health/stun? **
1000 health/950 stun

**How should I used meter? **
EX Whip of Love - pretty important for resets, controlling space, combos into ultra, etc.
FADC - Helps her really maximize damage
EX Love Me Tender - Great for pressure, + on block, fast and armor breaking


May hop on the Poison train. Gonna try out Decapre first, and mess around with Yun/Juri/Sagat.

Them Bison secondary choices.

Poison for sure is gonna be my main, but I’m gonna at least try the other new characters too to see if I could use them as alts.

Does anyone know a comparable range to Poison’s U2?










01: White top (Original)
02: Camo clothes
03: Black clothes
04: Red top
05: Purple Top
06: Orange hair (Roxy)
07: Orange hair, pink top
08: Black hair, grey top, red shorts/cap
09: Pink hair, gold top
10: Brown hair, Gold top, Carmine shorts/cap

Alternate 1 (SFxT)

[details=Spoiler]01: Olive green (Original)
02: Orange/Cream
03: Dark Blue
04: Light Blue
05: Black
06: Lighter Green
07: Gold
08: Dark blue
09: Purple
10: Yellow

Alternate 2 (Pirate DLC)

[details=Spoiler]01: White/ pink (Original)
02: Purple/ White
03: White/ black
04: Gold/ black
05: White/Green
06: White/ Yellow
07: Orange/white
08: White/ Gold
09: Purple/pink
10: White/Pink/Purple


Yo, we in here.


I’d assume you’d compare with Guy’s U2.

Can’t know for sure 'til we see those hitboxes though… (or some lab work on Monday night!)

Please change the Thread sub title, something normal is preferable.

Will update my Frame Data thread as soon as the App Launches.

I figured as much. U1 seems like the most viable ultra. Looks cooler too, so :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be “that” asshat.

I will sub her along with Hugo and maybe Elena. Poison should prove to be the most pick up and play friendly of the bunch. Can’t wait to see what taunts she has.

Because you didn’t agree with what I said you resorted to calling me an asshat…Classy. You just gave me a reason to block you…good day.

Cool. I really don’t care, you reacted and that’s what I wanted.

Gee is flagging someone because your ass is hurt exclusive? I’m about to find out…

What’s wrong with the thread title? I think it’s funny.

Idk, Im not a fan of it but w/e forget I said anything.

Unless the range secretly changed from the Final Round build, it’s pretty small. (And there are times I felt like it moved the hitbox or range back due to Poison moving backwards)

U2 does A LOT of damage though.

Has it been confirmed that her health is at 1000 now?

knowing Capcom, she’ll be 950 or 900 cause females don’t go over that lol. (Somehow Makoto and/or Chun seems to always be the exception.)

I believe Makoto’s health is only at 950. As for Chun Li’s health, it was 900 but raised to 950.

Poison’s health was 950 in SFxT, but I’ve read several times that it’s been increased to 1000 in USF4. If it is 1000 now, do you think Capcom did this on purpose to make it obvious that she is not female?

we’ll know for sure when the game is released.

Does anyone know how safe Cr.MK into LMT is