We like wearing heels! Poison General Discussion/Q&A Thread



No problem, lol.

Check out this video from Air on Poison Tech:


What are your thoughts everyone? Personally, I’m beginning to think that his opponents were unfamiliar with Poison during Canada Cup.


nothing new in that video, most that stuff has been covered in the character specifics thread


Yeah they definitely didn’t. He said as much on Twitter himself.


Almost every Poison online is ass, no matter what platform. I wonder how the fuck they have so many points. Her flowchart isn’t that strong.


Maybe they’re boosting with a friend to get points (where their friend lets them win on purpose).


@jebop‌ I don’t know about all that. Broly has a pretty solid poison. Kaiser rose is very good as well. Atrain is very solid as well.


Man so I’ve been playing this game for five years now and I just can not play Poison. Try to shoot a fireball and I get a mix of standing, crouching, and jumping normals. Try to do her flip kick and I get her DP somehow. Can’t do rekkas without mashing the hell out of them. What would you do? Try to grind it out or come to terms with the fact that this character clearly isn’t for you? Keep in mind its been five years. I’m not even good with the character I’ve been playing this whole time.


If you’re accidentally jumping trying to do a fireball it takes some time. Nearly all of us had that issue in the beginning. You actually have to do the fireball motion instead of shortcuts for poison. Practice doing rekkas from crouching mid kick until you don’t need to mash anymore.


Yeah I’m trying to do them correctly. I’m always trying to do them correctly even when I play Akuma. I’m actually playing as Akuma right now and I’m having the exact same problem with a character who doesn’t have these input problems. I love her style but I can’t even do these stuff on Akuma, its seriously depressing.


I would say Naxachan is probably better than all of those that you mentioned.


Seriously just grind it out no other way around it, I used to be terrible at rekkas but hers are actually somewhat easier to do imo because you have a bit more time in between her rekkas to perform the motion. Same goes for her fireballs if you keep getting jump normals just put on input display and try to always end in forward. Maybe even slow it down a bit so you get the motion ingrained more then slowly speed it up until you can do clean fireballs every time.


I swear I sometimes get Poison’s DP without even pressing a button.
Today I tried doing her blackflip, so that’s the 3kick button, and no motion whatsoever, and I still got her DP.
Sometimes I just do the motion, my other hand not anywhere near a button, and I still get a DP.

They seriously messed something up with Poison’s buttons.


It’s still her bug you have to go to Neutral when doing anything with or her inputs can and will overlap. It happens to me alot as well especially when you changing from blocking to dashing, standing to blocking and etc…


twitch.tv/arcadeLegacy Tournament tomorrow, Alucard, Derrick Legend and a bunch of others will be there as well. I plan on Poisoning through the whole tourney unless I absolutely need to change. So, Yeah. Gonna have super good comp as usual and full stream.


What are we finding to be her best and worst matches at this point?


It doesn’t seem like Capcom is going to fix this problem either.


That’s really stupid and unfair. Ive taken so much unnecessary damage from that issue. Random DP’s and random jumps.

I’m really hoping they can at least fix the mechanics of her since they wont help her at all. God forbid there is lag and you’ll really be pulling your hair. I’m still not seeing what makes her so “top tier” with all these problems. Whose going to use her seriously if issues like this can cost you?


If you check Capcom Unity, there are people begging for Poison to be nerfed in the next update. :frowning:


People think poison is broken.


patch 1.04 incoming after capcom cup in december. includes new trials, edition select online, omega mode (offline and online), new wild animal costumes, and balance update… were getting fucked