We like wearing heels! Poison General Discussion/Q&A Thread



I’m going to pump a fist to the people that started that top5 thing. Will be getting prepared for the announcement: “this time we changed Poison fireballs because Ryu players were getting green with envy she wasn’t supposed to be a zoning oriented character in first place, but look, now U2 range has been buffed from 0.6 to 0.7! Of course it is still 0+2 but the satisfaction will be now more frequent”.


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Nothing will happen to Poison, she doesn’t win tournaments.


It just annoys me so much when people ask for nerfs when they don’t even know the character.
It annoys me even more that so many people think anything Poison has is OP in the slightest.

I have never asked for any nerfs, not even for characters I feel have broken bs stuff.
A lot of people don’t want the game to be balanced. They want everyone but their own character to be weak, so they can win.


I just hope they keep her 1000 health. It makes her unique from the other females.


i thought her penis made her unique from other females.


I bet grapplers will get more buffed, and yun will get even more buffs because “yun has a problem getting in” and kazunoko can’t win a major with yun still.

poison hasn’t won a major though… fuerte, zangief, rose,dudley have. I don’t really care much about poison, the game has a deeper problem with DWU being too easy to adjust to for certain characters and nerfing too many character’s offensive options in the process, further lengthening the gap between the top tier characters and mid/low tier characters.

ok further predictions, poison will have her cross up flag on her lmts removed. poison will no longer be able to cancel backflip from her normals.

maybe rekkas will cause soft knockdown (LOL)


She has the 1000 health because she’s got the male anatomy. :slight_smile:

Her projectiles will probably be nerfed.


It’s still unknown if she has one. She was born as a man, that’s the only fact we know so far. :smiley:


Somehow they never bothered nerfing guile’s projectile recovery? My guess is reduced meter gain and maybe slightly increased start up on ex fireball.


Guile is a charge character though.

I bet they will nerf Poison somehow, due to scrubs complaining about her. It will either be her fireballs or her health. Those are my two cents.


maybe sagat and poison will swap fireball recoveries then and sagat becomes “top tier” while poison is at the bottom? sagat is the only character I can think of that’s had their fireball recovery increased… what about gouken? I don’t think capcom will touch gouken.


Everyone says she’s Top 5 because they want her nerfed.


I have a feeling it will be her fireballs. :frowning:

I’m scared about this update.


It will most likely be her health and then Capcom will do something stupid for everyone to say she is actually broke like make her cammy 2 with fireballs.


I doubt she will get nerfed in any way, am guessing the update is more about fixing bugs and glitches, and I can’t think of anything that should be nerfed except health, fireballs is her thing, in fact they buffed her fireballs by having less recovery at the last minute, I don’t mind 950, the 1000 health feels kinda like overkill to me like evil ryu health buff, and yea I know her anti airs ain’t the best and they are specific on timing and spacing, but once you get that down the 1000 health feels like its not really needed, anyway Ill take one more active frame on CRHP and far HK for 950 health if that was to happen.


but capcom is so incredibly stupid, that I’m trying to envision the dumbest thing they could possibly do because sadly that would probably be the most likely thing to happen.

its why you have yun getting over buffed and characters like ryu and deejay that get completely destroyed.

1 extra frame won’t change that she can’t anti air divekicks worth shit on reaction.


People often complain about fireball users.

That’s why both Ryu and Dee Jay were severely nerfed. Poison’s fate is sealed because of all the people saying she’s top 5.


I have a feeling that they will tweak her HP fireball. People seem to complain about her HP-fireball setups after her hard knockdowns and that they are “too safe”. LMT is a move that people seem to talk trash about as well, even though it can be easily whiff punished and straight jumped.

I swear if they touch those moves then Capcom are seriously shit.


Yeah, I guess. Hard to believe a fireball character is considered top 5 when so much of the cast has anti-fireball moves that have greatly deminished a lot of their usability. This isn’t ST level of fireballs at all.

I have a feeling it’s only because the Japanese say it and Capcom tends to listen to their Japanese fanbase more than their US counterpart (see Viper).