We like wearing heels! Poison General Discussion/Q&A Thread



The only change I would take for Poison besides fixing some hitbox issues is this one…

I’ll trade 1000 health to 950 in exchange for her SFxT EX LMT.

That’s all. If they can’t do that, leave her as she is.

She is actually balanced.


In a heartbeat.

I wanted to comment in the tier thread about people talking/bitching about her HP fireball and such, but I thought to myself, forget it. Some people have it in their heads that Poison’s top 5 no matter what you say.

Poison feels very solid right now, but she still has some small problems. If anything, she needs some minor buffs, not nerfs.


If they do nerf HP fireball, 1000-health or something else, then they need to give her something as well to compensate. I personally want to see her sweep get a major buff. They removed the cancel-ability from the arcade version but completely forgot to tweak the frames on block after this nerf. At the moment, her sweep is close to useless because of how unsafe it is.
Also, Love Storm should combo on everyone after EX WoL. I don’t see why this should be character specific.


Meh I never do u1 after ex rekkas, no damage


Um… what about juri’s fireballs?, they go from +4 on block to +7 on block and chun li’s hazanshu is -1 to 0 on block, why do peeps not bitch about those moves? lol, early bitching about a new character is so boring, people just need to figure out stuff.


I think the patch is only for yun, deejay, and seth as they said they still needed to be updated. I’d trade 50 health for more advantage on her normal. That way when they decide to nerf her specials we have safer normal in trade. There are so many things in this game that need to be adjusted. I think jaguar tooth should be focusable or very negative on block. A full screen move like that should never be remotely safe without meter.


Omega Poison looks wonderful!


I’ve given up on this as well, because it’s not worth it, especially because it’s quite easy to miss.

I only use it in the corner, because it’s easier to land there.


Obviously the damage is shit. It should only be used when you go for the kill, and it should work on all characters IMO.

Hazanshu is focusable and can be easily punished if you learn to react to it with FA. It is not that great in high level play anyway.



What do you guys think about Omega Poison?


she looks top tier, they said they made her FB’s even better, + that anti air fireball heart that does super high stun and free juggle on air hit. Im going to be stunning people for days.

BTW guys check out the new match up thread i made. Currently half way done ( notes are complete, its just a matter of me copying and pasting my tech notes and reenacting them in training mode to make sure everything is good)

Tons of new tech, theres also an unblockable jump in, and a new 5 frame safe jump set up, tons of cross up LMT set ups and even safe jump set ups that lead into cross up LMT’s


Why do I have a feeling that they going to make her fireballs chargeable (aka sfxt?) it would definitely make her omega :stuck_out_tongue: making them dash cancellable even more omega :slight_smile:

The anti-air/stun fireball picture looks like the move could be very punishable though? Also her ex rekka with the electricity (maybe more stun aka viper, perhaps?), is that the third hit? Do we not have a launcher with ex rekkas in omega mode?


Doesn’t seem like there’s a launcher


Yeah, I just checked again and her new EX WOP has lost its launcher. Sad stuff.


How is Justin Wong’s Poison?


It doesn’t have launcher but does more damage and stun because it doesn’t scale each rep


Disappointing :frowning: sounds like a nerf disguised as a buff for an omega version of the character? sounds like she lost a lot of combo potential and no more resets or mix ups off of an ex rekka? the rekka also costs 2 bars instead of one? Omega Poison doesn’t sounds so omega anymore :frowning: so hopefully the fireball changes are decent :slight_smile:

Maybe there are more unlisted changes that they not revealing - honestly I would have liked them to give Poison a good normal/unique whip move that covered a bit of distance (for a character with a whip the range on her normal punch moves are a little mediocre).


It’s not a nerf. Imagine if the ex version does 200 damage and the reps are automatic and don’t scale. And the 2 bar version does 300 damage and 400 stun. I’m more curious about LMT. If 1 ex Rekka is going to probably do 200 damage unscaled, and easier to combo, why even combo into ex LMT. LMT must have been changed


Can I ask what the hell is Poison’s hitbox on her fireballs? Ive had people all night (including a Zangief) jump in on me but they pass right through her HP AE even when their body is in the plasma. One Zangeif player I was zoning but then they did a move that landed them horizontally and it passes through them and I took the hit. Even when the shotos do that grounded spinning kick her regular fireballs dont hit until it passes through them and gets behind them and then it registers and Poison still takes the hits, and when I use EX AE to knock them out it just passes right through them as if nothing happened.

And what do you guys do when a shoto or Decapre land you in the corner and they use the Ultra fireball that stays there and is 5 hits (this is if your on the floor and about to get up)? I know that Decapre will try that whole teleport BS every time but when I use EX KBG to get out of it she takes like one hit and I take the majority of the energy ball still. Same with Sakura and Ryu’s Ultra. Do it, EX KBG, they get hit once, I still take a huge chunk of damage.

BTW Guile’s regular sonic boom can hit you out of KBG when in the corner…Jesus Lord lets pass around an offering plate and give it to Capcom please.

…and LMT is seriously getting on my last nerve…it’s like it’s no longer valid once you get to the higher levels and everyone can press anything and hit you out of it…


It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing Poison in Street Fighter V based on the leaked roster. :frowning: