We like wearing heels! Poison General Discussion/Q&A Thread



What leaked roster?


Saw Omega Poison on stream:

Poison can hold her fireball, it turns into two hits.
Poison’s new EX wol only does the full animation on hit.
Rekka’s pushback further on knockdown.
Poison gets a launcher, which is the last hit of regular EX wol. You can combo into it and it also has an EX version.


-Vitality reduced to 950 from 1000
-Hurtbox in general increased
-Back throw could no longer be done with negative edge
-Close standing HP, bug fix where counter hit was not recognized properly
-Far standing MP, bug fix where counter hit was not recognized properly
-EX Aeolus Edge, easier to land it on opponent point blank
-Aeolus Edge, bug fix where counter hit was not recognized properly
-Whip of Love, hitbox increased greatly
-Love Me Tender, damage reduced to “70 80” from “90 100”, recovery frame increased to 19 from 16 on whiff
-EX Kissed By Goddess, 1st hit hitbox increased
-U2, increased range

Her hurt box isn’t wonky anymore so we don’t drop out from standard combos. She has less health and less damage from lmt and more recovery on whiff…rip


Saw the health nerf comming, she didn’t need 1000 health, the LMT nerf is fine and stops peeps spamming that move like no tommorow, you now have to get the spacing right making sure it don’t wiff instead of just throwing it out there, overall she is still fine, also lol evil ryu health nerf, saw that shit comming long time, most evil ryu players never asked for it in the first place cause of his damage output, and decapre is much better now.


Lmt nerf is bull shit. She didn’t need 1000 health and a wonky hurt box. Take the hurt box and leave the health but no, they take both and damage and recovery nerf… decapre top tier now.


Yeah, the health nerf was expected.

I’m just glad they didn’t touch her fireballs.


Her nerfs isn’t too bad but I think it is funny she got nerfed and Rose didn’t. I guess LMT was a result of the whining of those that didn’t knw how to deal with it yet Rose’s drill is untouched. The HP nerf isn’t that bad as well. I think she can live with that but honestly I think the health nerf was just enough,

She isn’t going to drop in tiers or anything. I think they could have done far worse to her, I am kinda glad actually.


I don’t think its to do with the whining, more about those peeps you see pick poison and do random LMT over and over expecting to get random damage which is not easy to avoid, and tbh the whining was a lot more on her fireballs so I respect that they didn’t listen to the ignorant masses, Rose is the type of character that don’t need nerfs or buffs,(she only got a chip increase for ex spiral 30 to 33) they have pretty much made that character well made.


Don’t you think being able to Rekka from max range cr.MK now is godlike though?

And possibly being able to combo HP Rekka after an EX Rekka mid screen on everyone…


I’m hoping that Rekkas will be a better way to advance than LMT. Watching the Capcom Cup match between Xian’s Poison and Momochi’s Ken was painful because Xian had no way of getting in once Ken started playing the far distance game… and I’ve had that happen myself on numerous occasions. Sad to see the amount of nerfs though…

EDIT: At least one of the KBG hitboxes got expanded… I don’t care if it’s EX. I just want some sort of anti-air to hit decently, even if it costs meter.


I really don’t think the nerfs are a big deal. She’s still gonna smack asses


Yeah, I was surprised (in a very good way) that Rose wasn’t nerfed, considering who won Evo this year. Hint - hint, check out my avatar :wink:

Honestly, Poison didn’t deserve to be nerfed at all. It’s just that people rather complain than learn how to deal with things.
I never really spammed LMT anyway, so I doubt I will feel these nerfs that much.


So, Poison has less health, a bigger hurtbox, and decreased damage on her BNBs…

This doesn’t sound like good news.


The health thing is not a huge deal.

The hurtbox thing is to make her consistent with other characters in terms of getting hit with BnBs.

LMT damage is not a huge deal, either. And the whiff disadvantage can easily be made up for by learning distances. Smart people were able to punish whiffed LMT pre-patch anyways.

The hitbox buff to WoL is a boon. Now we can choose to save a meter, as well as hitting on some of the wonkier hurtboxes.

EX KbG buff I feel makes it slightly better anti-air and much better against grounded opponents.

I might be the only one that cares about Poison Throw, so I’m happy about the range increase.

So it really depends on your playstyle, but for me I feel she was buffed slightly.


We still do decent damage. I knew the health nerf was going to happen. We still have a bajillion useful moves. We just got to space like rose with lmt. Now we should be worried about decapre running around with a safe dp with meter.


She still sounds solid. I respect that they did not touch her fireballs and HP fireball setups. But of coooourse they had to alter LMT and make it worse. I had a feeling that they would tweak this move because people said it was too spammable and hard to whiff punish (lol).

Would like to see what they exactly did to the hitbox of WoL. “Expanded greatly”, vertically, horizontally or both?


I think people are too optimistic. Our hurt box got bigger so things we benefited from like cammy and decapre combos not working and her not juggling right into chuns juggle ultra or abels u1 In the corner etc are going to work. More damage in general will be landed on us on top of having 50 less health overall. Not only that but an lmt and the follow up went from 190 damage to 150. That’s considerable as the follow up doing 190 and a hard knockdown with a free safe meaty hp fireball or a 4 frame safe jump made it simple and reliable. Now were going to always have to combo instead as it will just break the 200 damage marker doing a flip kick into jabs into rekkas or so. Her rekka hit box getting improved may make ex rekkas into hp always work hopefully as it would be a nice option midscreen. And if a rekka won’t whiff in hit of a max range cr.mk then that’s nice too but those just feel like stuff that should work regardless. Hopefully we got some stealth buffs


What did you guys think of Xian’s Poison yesterday?


^^Very much a WIP. There were a few badly whiffed a few LMTs, and Momochi wasn’t backdashing or anything. They were just spaced poorly. Xian’s an execution monster so he converted into good damage, but he wanted those combos instead of utilizing grabs or really mixing things up. Momochi downloaded it very quickly, it seemed. His fireball game was pretty on point, though. Air’s Poison is more complete, or at least fits the character better, and vice versa.


I’m playing omega and you can never jump in on poison lol As for usf4 poison her nerfs seem minor, except for damage we now have to get a few extra hits in now. I tried cammy’s bnb’s the last part of them still misses so cammy doesn’t get full damage.