We like wearing heels! Poison General Discussion/Q&A Thread



does rekka connect after ex rekka mid screen universally?


I believe the changes to Poison are fine. The health nerf is fine, she never needed 1000. Hurtbox is what it is, it was just too wonky overall. WoL change is great, being able to consistently hit rekkas from further ranges and a more consistent rekka follow up after ex rekkas is welcome. LMT aren’t too bad either. Damage loss is a shame, but we can follow up with a rekka combo and get damage and setups that way. The recovery nerf sucks though, need to be even more careful with it. Ex KBG buff is nice, we get a somewhat more consistent anti air and a good ground reversal, albeit at the cost of meter. The U2 buff might make it usable, but I doubt i’d give up U1 for it any time soon.

I might be a bit optimistic, but I like these changes overall, the change to rekkas is a welcome buff and we didn’t get our EXTREMELY sexy fireballs good fireball game nerfed. Looking forward to trying her out.


im interested in the U2 change is the range significantly better?


So did they fix her input problems so baddies like me can play her or are they just never going to acknowledge that one?


Because she still moves like 1000 miles backwards during the animation, it is still pretty bad.


Omega Poison feels awful.

I hate her EX fireball, her backdash is butchered, she no longer says anything when activating U1, and I can’t seem to connect her Ultra when doing her launcher, which I thought was the entire point of that move.
There is a lot more, but yeah, no Omega Poison for me.


I don’t get home from vacation till tomorrow. When I do I’ll grind the lab and see what I figure out. Btw make sure you guys check out my lab notes in the updated match up thread. I have posted all my set ups in there. A lot of new tech.


I’m not 100% percent sure about this, but does anyone think Capcom changed the launching properties of the last hit of Ex Rekka? I’m having lots of trouble getting the usual ambiguous cross under after Ex rekka + J. mk or j. mp dash forward. Jumping lk still lets you cross under though. It seems like characters either aren’t launched as high into the air or they fall faster.

EDIT: NEVERMIND, I think I was just testing on a character that the jump mk cross under doesn’t work on, it still works with other characters. Sorry for being a scrub.


It is much closer to her regular grab range, which is pretty nice, and now there are a few more moves that it can punish on reversal. I thought U2 was viable even before the patch, but I understand that I am in the minority.


You have to fadc her launcher to connect ultra and its better to use her new anti air move now. She’s extremely aggressive in this version as if she touches you a few times you’ll get dizzied fast.



They didn’t do very much to improve her. And her “new” moves are horrible.


I still feel that Poison is incredibly solid and still around the Top 10, Viable without a doubt.

The damage nerf on LMT is easily the biggest nerf she received, but I feel that if you have any idea about spacing and how to play the ground game, the nerf means nothing, we still get a followup on hit and EX LMT is still fantastic.

I want to say she is in the Top 10, I’d say around 7-8, now though. Poison is still the queen of fundamentals and she still rewards solid play immensely.



The health nerf is the biggest thing to me, as I didn’t fish with LMT too too much. Really like the buff to the rekka though, I feel like they buffed ryu’s fireball because of poison. Otherwise I think we would have got a fireball nerf.

Poor sagat though, totally out classed by everyone else in each department.


I think Poison is still pretty solid. The recovery nerf to LMT makes me sad though - going for cross up LMT is riskier now since if they whiff you will get punished badly.

Also Ryu’s fireball seems so strong now, last night I was getting totally out fireballed by ryus :frowning:

Also about the ‘buff’ to rekkas. I really don’t see the ‘greatly expanded’ hitbox at all (i think they need to change the wording on this from ‘greatly’ to ‘slightly’). The only thing I’ve noticed with them is that they combo more consistently from her standing and cr mk. I have a feeling that the hitboxes are only expanded during the opponent’s hitstun or something like that. Raw WOL doesn’t seem to have anymore range than before, still doesn’t connect on all chars after ex WOL midscreen :frowning:

Omega Poison

Initially I wasn’t liking her in this mode very much.
But it seems like they tweaked her hitboxes on some of her normals to better though.

  • cr mk seems like it has a little bit better range? and faster?
  • cr mp has slightly more range than her cr mk
  • far st hp has a little more range as well
  • her super does MOAR damage
  • jumping HK does two hits, if only the first part hits, you can juggle. second hit causes soft knockdown
  • her HK kissed by a goddess - she does a quick back flip that has a hitbox before going into her spinning animation - seems like it will hit more consistently
  • backflip seems to have less recovery

Also she can combo cr lp into cr mk like sfxt now

  • far fewer juggle options after opponent lands on fireball: normals whiff, except overhead. specials whiff, except LMT
  • I couldn’t seem to cancel rekkas into her super :frowning:
  • LMT always auto throws. Has more pushback on block (maybe safer?)
  • backdash goes like nowhere lol

Her j mk and j lk have been swapped


• Jump transition frames – Fixed a bug where certain special moves could not be executed during the jump transition frames.

Is this what you mean? Jumping when you try to fireball?

Poison confirmed female.

Do we have side by sides of her old vs new hurtboxes by any chance?


+Ex honey trap will most likely dizzy on hit.
-She is actually at a disadvantage when she hits her lmt.


Poison’s new animal costume is a PeaCOCK, so I don’t think so (Katy Perry has a song dedicated to the slang term). She’s still a male-to-female transsexual.

Plus, she had 950 health in SFxT.


I have no idea what that slang means and I know. It was just a joke. lol


I finally got to play some 1.04 and poison doesn’t seem that much different. I felt the rekka hit box difference very rarely tbh, it still whiffs from max range St.mk/cr.mk or if there is an odd reeling animation. Noticeable but very small difference it seems. Health nerf is noticeable, I’m not one to stare at my health bar when playing, I’ll glance at it occasionally but I have a sense of both the life bars and stun values in my head. And now when I glance at it it’s always lower then expected :confused:

Damage nerf on lmt is a bummer but 190 damage and 200 stun for a non ex move is pretty fucking good with its ability to go over fireballs timed correctly. It’s not what I’m dreading about, since it means we should always combo into rekka from first hit now and get more then 190 damage anyway. The recovery nerf is what I’m really dreading, since I use the lmt in neutral a bit more then other poisons. I can clearly notice the added recovery and I’ve noticed that in some situations where I would whiff the lmt but still be in a position to punish the opponent whiffing something, now it seems in some instances that they can recover and not be punished as hard or at all. I think I back dashed an onis dp and immediately did hk lmt, the lmt went under oni coming down and I would always be able to punish before and now I wasn’t able to even jab him before he recovered. Well I guess we got away alright from the nerf hammer. 950 health isn’t really that low since a lot of characters have 950 or less. Lmt damage is repairable with comboing, and lmt on whiff will be whiff punished by good players anyways.


No worries.

BTW…Peacocks are all males (they’re the one with beautiful feathers).

Peahens are the females (they look like normal birds).