We like wearing heels! Poison General Discussion/Q&A Thread



She has horrible walk speed lol. Play cammy or decapre, yang or Vega for some real walk speed


Here’s a recent video of Air’s Poison in action:


Also, it seems that Xian has dropped Poison for Elena. A lot of pro players always drop Poison. :frowning:


Balrog straight rapes Poison good lord… :frowning:

Well, we can’t really say we can be surprised. I remember stating in the beginning that Poison is not going to be a tournament contender and be the first for Pro players to pick up based on how she is now verses the other cast, especially at a heavy disadvantage. She not reliable enough at all and doesnt have Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free cards like the other characters. Add to the fact that some matchups are just impossible and almost seem broken for her a lot of the time. Watching that vid was a little dreadful, even though Air came back hard the 3rd match, but even then it just seemed that PR got too cocky and impatient and was just making atrocious mistakes that Air capitalized on that time and went right back in the 4th match. Until her mechanics get fixed, I can see many people dropping her.

If she’s in SF5 I just hope that they help her out and stop with the EventHubs bullshit. Give her some decent actual hitting normals and an actual DP.


Rekkas> back dash, J.HP OS U1 beats everything balrog does except for blocking, if you notice that’s what air was going for after every Rekkas(except he wasn’t option selecting unfortunately). And if they block the J.HP, then if you follow that up with a cl.mk xx EX LMT it will be a 3 way unblockable that he has to hold forward and walk under to get out which is so risky for him. That’s some good tech there air



Someone posted one of my random ranked matches

Sorry for losing my 15k BP :neutral_face:


That was really good tali! :#

What do you think of the Guy mactchup? I always can hold my own ok, but AAing him is a complete disaster because when he jumps in he adjust before he hits her and her crop misses with both her cr.HP and st.MP. And which one of Guy’s slides is punishable?

BTW PRAISE GOD ON THE EX KBG BUFF! I actually hit people on top of her!! :smiley:


Both his slides are punishable. Tbh I hate the guy match up, not even as a poison thing, just in general


nvm was rusty with the game


Here is Hidou’s Poison:




i placed top 16 at Canada east coast championships 2 today, i was fairly happy with my performance. Kbrad won it. I lost to JimmyFierce, a very strong ryu player and arguably toronto’s best player, he made it to grand finals. And a sim player :(, that match up is just to tough.


Congrats Tali! You’re an amazing Poison player.

Do you have any vids from the championship? We’d love to see you in action.


I was only on stream vs Jimmy fierce which I lost, very close and I honestly dropped the ball but after that I was sent to losers so losers matches aren’t streamed till top 8 but I’ll see if I can find it and post it here


So…just what are we suppose to do against Sim? I played 2 today and it just seemed impossible for her to do anything other than stand around. He even jumped in and teleported out of her KBG. Her fireballs didnt help unless she had 1 bar available. And trying to use LMT to get over his fireballs just resulted in him using mp.


Hey guys so nothing really makes me an authority on Poison, I’m #11 or 12 Poison on steam, my pp hovers from around 3500 to 4000 (unless i’m playing random characters i’m trying to pick up lol). I’ve been to a few local tournaments and the highest i’ve placed is 9th. I just made this account somewhat recently and have been lurking/stealing tech on this forum for a while now. Just felt like I should contribute :smiley:

I think Sim vs Poison is a really hard matchup, mostly because all of Poison’s non-EX special moves have a ton of start up. We can only throw fireballs at max distance away from Sim because of his cr. hp, and his limbs also disrupt us from using non-metered LMT’s to get in. You will eat a lot of damage unless you are super patient, which is true for a lot of characters against Sim, but it just feels harder for Poison moreso because she can’t move around the screen that fast. Poison is not exactly the best character when she is forced to play rush down and not allowed to take advantage of her zoning game.

My gameplan is to just back away as far as possible and throw fireballs for a while in order to gain meter and then go in. This matchup seems nigh impossible unless you have EX LMT on deck. It’s the only move fast enough to jump over yoga flame without getting smacked, and the only move with a chance to catch a random limb stuck out by Sim. Once Poison is up close things are much better. Just use frame traps and overheads and Sim can’t do too much against that. Try to carry him to the corner as much as possible. If you do get a knock down, the best thing to do IMO, is to just safe jump and OS the shit out of him. I OS with EX LMT a lot in order to discourage teleporting. OS ultra works too. One of my favorite things to do is the safe jump after rekkas that goes immediately into cross up EX LMT for some good damage. The shitty part is that if you don’t have Sim in the corner you are just going to have to guess right to stay in on him.

When I grinded out this match against my friend, he started using Sim’s slide to go right under LMT’s AND even IA ultra 2’ed me out of LMT’s. Pretty dang frustrating. So watch out if you are using LMT in blockstrings. Another thing to note is that Poison’s cr. mp is actually somewhat good at counter hitting Sim’s cr. hp at the right ranges, and you can even follow up with a lp fireball to give you some space to move forward. Sweep can also catch cr. hp but that has to be a hard hard read since our sweep is hella slow.

Hope that helps a little, i’ve never really written any guides before :smile:


CH Cl.HK (1 hit) xx HP Fireball > U1
480 damage meterless

great for blowing up wake up crouch tech if they think you will throw them



My only stream match was at 35 min mark

Man hindsight is 20/20 :confused:


Since I am stable in Smash 4 now I can focus on both SF4 and that game. Woot so now its back to tournaments for this game too.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing. That was a great match.

Poison VS any shoto is never fun, but you gave JimmyFierce a good beat down.


You did awesome Tali!

I swear shoto jump-ins are just a mess to deal with.

Btw quick question Tali, why do you use MK when you neutral jump his fireballs?


Jump mk has great lower body projectile invincibility just in case I miss time my neutral jump and it raises her hurt box a bit too I think