We like wearing heels! Poison General Discussion/Q&A Thread



@Tali thanks for holding it down man.

For Anyone in NJ and NY. I’ll be at Apex in The Artists Alley, and competing. ( This is my break from school and work)

Placed 3rd and 8th at the last two tourneys I went to… So I plan on making it up there with Poison.


I’ll be watching, I want to see you use my set ups :slight_smile:


Are there any characters that play similar to Poison?


I just got USF4 on Monday, this is the first Street Fighter game I played, and hopefully the first fighting game I actually learn how to play. I like Poison a lot so far but I’m having trouble finding easier kinds of short combos to practice with, any suggestions?


So if I understood you correctly then you are basically new to 2D fighters? If you want to avoid her 1-frame links then you should probably practice:

cr.mk x medium rekka -> for footsies and as a whiff punisher
cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.lk x light rekka -> make sure you learn to land this to 100%. When you feel like you got this one down then you can replace cr.lk for st.mk x rekka.
cr.hp x rekka -> for punishing highly unsafe moves, shoryus etc.
cl.hp x EX Love me Tender -> easy combo and nice damage.

Remember that any regular rekka can be replaced with EX rekka. Especially if you are using cr.mk at its maximum range - just to avoid the fact that the rekka could whiff.


Thanks, I’ll try those out when I get home.
And should I stay away from that trials mode or is that good to learn? I get stuck at 14 or so


You should try out all her trials. It’s a good way to understand how she works. Also, keep in mind that EX rekka into Love Storm will scale in terms of damage.

Anyways, have fun! You may get some rude messages for using Poison because she’s transsexual (I get them all the time) but just ignore the haters.


Sorry for playing like an asshole in Endless :blush:


Haha lol, no worries.


wowzors, saw ur match man it was close and good stuff for standing ur ground. How do u find the ryu/poison matchup? has he ever travelled to international tournaments? his ryu seems super solid from wut i have seen, wonder how he fairs against other top players


I’m not sure if he’s traveled around. I think the poison ryu match up is just slightly in poisons favor.


i know eric hai who beat tokid at evo forgot what year but is also canadian iirc

u say jimmy is arguably the best in toronto; best ryu in canada?


How did you do at apex? I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to watch


I wouldn’t have that much authority to say. There’s also air and a lot of other good ryus.

I also spoke with air recently and he hinted to me about poison having several unblockables. He didn’t want to tell me them because he wants them to be a secret, but he hinted to me where to look and i have found unblockables for ryu,ken,e.ryu,seth,sakura,bison,rolento,poison,guile,rufus,elf,vega, and balrog. Since he told me to keep it a secret i won’t post the set ups but if you look hard enough you can find them.


this isn’t off of back throw right?


since i aint a bitch, here’s some good tech for you all that i guarantee you’ll be using versus situational okizeme setups on a hard knockdown.

i found a way to guarantee a autocorrect ultra after lk kbg fadc forward.

lk kbg, forward+mp+mk, qcfx2 ppp

now why do you only need one forward for the fadc? because if you do it fast enough, the first qcf will count for the first dash into an ultra. you have plenty of time now to get the auto correct. sometimes (rarely) you may need to watch yourself cause you can do it too fast and get the ultra to whiff.

have fun with your easy 450+ damage fadc ultra now.


Why aren’t you using mk dp? You get more invincibility and a quicker move and more damage?

Also you sound very grateful with the whole “wow tali your a bitch for posting ALL your set ups and tech for every match up but not posting some tech someone showed you and asked you not to post”


just because it has more chances to set up a trade into an ultra. mp might be better in some situations like a reversal.

chill out, if you’re not going to post a set up just dont talk about it plain and simple. i post something thats useful not like oh hey these setups might exist/might be worth my time to search for them. the back throw unblockables seem like they’re not really worth learning when all I get is a jump.lk that i may or may not be able to get a full combo off of.

also laughing at air trying to hide tech. it’s as if he knows if everyone knows about the character’s capabilities then her tier position will drop off like a rock.


Your the one calling me a bitch and then telling me to chill out? So when someone showed me tech and asked me to keep it to myself and I still give you guys the full list of characters of who it works on and just ask you to do a little lab work to find it for your selves you tell me it’s better I not mention anything? And no these unblockables are easily comboable especially when it’s a j.hk

But hey yea let’s take your advice then, I guess I won’t post anything I find anymore. Let’s just take Velius’ tech from now on. Oh look he’s got some great dp fadc ultra tech! We sure will get to the pro level with dp fadc ultra tech!


Uh, you do realize you gave the hint that everybody needed to figure everything else out now right?

Air is the one being a bitch really. Kind of pissed me off that I helped him out when I probably shouldn’t even bothered in the first place.

Yeah this is why only a handful of poison players still dont do it except off of a guaranteed cl.st.hk that wont auto correct. this is why nobody does it off of overhead. It’ll be used in every matchup versus all of those unblockables that oh only work on some characters and I still have to guess versus delayed wakeup or no delayed wakeup. Now players no longer have to worry about poison crossing under but apparantly you don’t think that’s a big deal.

There’s another tech you can do with that to always get an automatic fadc back on block but I don’t know how it works yet.

If I wanted nobody to know about my tech, I wouldn’t post about it plain and simple. Seems like more of a “hey this is me dick wagging hidden tech but I don’t wanna give too much away or everyone will know and it’ll undermine my own success as a player,” which is dumb but w/e.