We like wearing heels! Poison General Discussion/Q&A Thread



When I get a working xbox (Which will happen after tax returns). I’ll try my best to look up some tech for poison. I’ve been a bit busy on smashboards talking about match ups for peach and finding combos I think I might do the same format here for combos.


Jesus when did this thread get so hostile? :o


It became hostile after we learned that CCG Air was hiding Poison tech.

Honestly, I hope he doesn’t make it far in the tournament scene anymore. I’ve lost all respect for him.


I’m not sure if its okay to keep tech to yourself is fair or not. I mean people will eventually find the set ups but I think they should be shared to help the poison community.


Has anyone noticed that Tali has been banned?


Yeah I’ve noticed. It doesn’t really surprise me but I don’t know how long he got banned this time.


Why does Tali get banned so much? He seems to have a target on his account around here.


I think i saw d3v ban him in one of the SF5 threads. Tali was going ham on the ( This game will be garbage ) style post and d3v did not tolerate it. I think banned for a week.

I mean, I could see why he is doing it. Let us be honest here, out of all the Poison players Air has the best chance of actually winning something major. Spreading knowledge could be a deciding factor in him winning or not.


That factor should be when to use the tech or not. Not that someone knows all the tech.


yeah, and i could probably say he stands no chance against the very japanese players who he asked for tech from

you know what bothers me is how many top us players over the years go to japan beg for any sort of advice/tech they could possibly get from the top players there, and then they go back and keep everything to themselves. i wonder if that’s part of the reason why our scene is still ass? but i guess money corrupts as they say, and when there’s money on the line, people tend to think short term instead of long term.


Yo, I’ve just wandered in from the Makoto forums, where the discussion is currently on the Poison matchup. We’re all pretty sure it’s massively in Poisons favour. What do you lot think?


poison definitely wins. even her basic gameplan is good enough to beat most makotos without resorting to her cheap setplays like ex lmt crossups.

i’d definitely counter pick that mu if i were makoto… then again, i’m just a cheap player and don’t think she’s worth picking up if you look at in terms of time to learn her/performance ratio.

Makoto Strategy and Match-ups

So my friend swears the timing to tech Poison’s throw is messed up, sort of like how before Ultra Gouken’s tech window was like pushed back rather than just being expanded like it ought to. Any documentation on this or has he lost it?


From my experience, definitely in Poison’s favor. Fireballs keep out Makoto’s quick pace floor game, and if she does get in on you, MK KBG takes care of all that pressuring bullcrap and just starts everything over again. However, if a really good Makoto player figures you out, it can be difficult because if they do get in on you and know how to correctly beat down Poison, it can be a bit frustrating, though really Poison struggles with any pressuring character.


Do we still have that throw tech glitch after the timer? Like when you tech a throw she’ll go into her win or lose pose or even faint then tech a throw and die again. which is very freaky.


help pls

I try do “Whip of Love” 3 times in row. I press buttoms vry-very fast for do this. But…its not normal. Do I need timing? Or some secret? Or may variant is normal?

//ssory for bad english


Dang is the Poison thread dead already? The hell is everyone?

Either way its been fun yall but Im totally out and through with SF. Ive shattered my last controller with this fighter and Im just going to stick with Tekken.


Poison matchup thread has been deleted by request of the person who made it.

If someone wants to make a new one, go ahead.


FWIW I have a backup of the matchup info from that thread if someone wants it to make a new one with.

EDIT: The OP of the thread asked me to not share the info (though it’s still easy to find a copy if you know where to look), which I’ll respect, though I’ll still provide the stuff that other people posted in that thread if a new one is made.



I messed around with throw block os and its really easy to do with poison but unfortunately its pretty useless outside of the corner except against zangief and maybe a few other characters.

throw block os lk kbg is really easy all you do is plink lk lp to get the os. the only bad thing is it loses to backdashes outside of the corner, neutral jump or back jump.

you cant throw block os ex lmt or any lmt effectively because the delay timing of lmt isnt enough to catch the opponent’s backdash.