We like wearing heels! Poison General Discussion/Q&A Thread



So I was messing around in training mode just now and was able to juggle HP AE > EX AE > EX AE against a jumpin. Is there a limit to how much long this can go on, or could you theoretically do HP AE > EX AE > EX AE > EX AE > EX AE > U1 if you were at the right spacing with the opponent in the corner? Obviously it’s not practical, but would look pretty cool.


the fuck is he gonna do? make another account and whine that you posted his info? it’s not copyrighted or anything LMAO

yeah it has infinite juggle potential. if they land on a hp ae and you do a level 1 focus right after, you can still juggle ultra or any normal or special.


True, I just don’t want to be that guy. And as I said, it’s pretty easy to find a cached copy out there.

Nice. I want to see if I can land this in a match. I’m actually starting to think that the limit is actually probably 3 EX AE in a row because of how Poison moves forward after each one.


Forums dead?


yeah it’s been looking that way for a while now :frowning:


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http://uplimg.com/upload/small/2015/05/02/5544d505308f6.jpg http://uplimg.com/upload/small/2015/05/02/5544d4a2c1ee5.jpg http://uplimg.com/upload/small/2015/05/02/5544d48227454.jpg


The Poison forum died after Tali was banned.


i got you now, bro


wow, how long will he be banned for? smh


I heard that it was a permanent ban.


Hmm okay. We need to get this thread going again, we need to get the Poison community, no matter how small it is, back to work.

This character is strong, yet we don’t even fully understand her yet. She’s constantly put in the Top 5 on Eventscrubs despite the fact nobody besides Air represents her in the west. Let’s get to work.

I’m planning on making a video series dedicated to Poison, starting from a quick 4 minute Primer, all the way from BnB’s to AE Setups, Character specifics and matchup guides, I’m gonna start work on it tonight and I’ll need some help in terms of info and tech, let me know if anyone is interested


you’re right Huggy Bear we need to bring this form back to life


This forum slowed down after Tali was banned unfortunately.

There was a lot of info before, but the mods have since deleted it.


Then lets build it up and Get shit rolling again.

I think I’ll start with a “Primer” thread. A basic overview of who Poison is and what she does.


How is your basic overview coming along?


I’ve deleted it and re-written it ad infinium.

I’ll PM it to you (and anyone other interested party) when completed. Probably tonight (GMT) or tomorrow. It’s only about a page long.

The full USF4 Poison Guide will cover:

  • Overview + summary
  • Breakdown of every normal, special, super and ultra
  • Matchups
  • Frame data
  • Setups + Advanced Play
  • Character specificity
  • Video Guide (seriously)

I have 4 fucking months of paid free time. I got this shit.


Cool, I’d love that.


-Does Poison have a useful kara grab?
-Whats the go to special to end blockstrings to make it safe? I’m going with LP fireball right now just wondering if a better option exists?
-Any MU’s where double ultra or U2 is better?
-What finisher do you do after EX rekkas? If you don’t want to reset? Whats the best meterless, whats the best if you want to spend another bar? I also know you can do U1 after it.

  1. If she does I don’t use it.

  2. Chaining into LP fireball is a sure fire way to eat a reversal. For my strings I just jab 3 times or some shit, I never really want to be in that position.

  3. Nah, U1 for days.

  4. HP Rekka’s. Character specific midscreen but universal in the corner. Don’t spend another bar after EX Rekkas, it’s really not worth it.