We like wearing heels! Poison General Discussion/Q&A Thread



After EX rekkas,HP Rekkas or J HK,MK,LK

HP Rekka’s timings


Decapre,Ryu,Ken,Makoto,Seth,Dan,Elena,Abel,Poison,Evil Ryu,Vega

‘ARUKI WHIP’ qcb+f(walk slightly)+HP
Gouken,Akuma,Oni,Juri,Chun-Li,M.Bison,Rolento,Blanka,Rufus,Balrog(very strict),T. Hawk

Please check out this video 0:55




I know it’s only the first section but fucking hell PROCRASINATION


Take your time. Not many people really check the Poison forums anymore.


Very eager to see what you’ve come up with in that primer! As a Juri loyalist, I’ve been messing around with Poison lately and she really seems to fit my playstyle quite well. I’m enjoying her a lot. In the meantime, I’ll scour old threads for info. Sorry things got quiet around here, that’s never fun. :frowning: Hopefully they pick up again with the new threads. And fingers crossed she makes it into V!


Damn right. This guide is gonna kick ass, so don’t worry.


I would love to get a copy of this if it ever gets finished. I would help but I’m a scrub


Cross up lmt on Hakan - He can’t really do anything to this besides block forward or ultra 2! Backdash can easily be punishable on reaction and also on delay wakeup you can react to it once you land from the neutral jump to do cr lp into EX lmt



Whats a good character to cover posion weakness?


haha poison weakneses ha
but honestly she can be a VERY versatile character, possibly a charge character or a grappler as poison has decent pressure and mixups as well as good fireball game.


Can I have a copy of the Poison Guide as well?


USF4:6(Poison) Vs POONGKO(Seth) part1



As strange as this sounds, I’m glad I’m not the only Poison player that doesn’t think she’s Top 5. I mean, most of her matchups are even at best. I fight a lot of people who clearly just don’t know the matchup and let me pressure them to hell and back, then complain that I’m just using an overpowered character.


hey @diamonddust do you mind if i play against you on XBL?



Poison wiki page is updated to 1.05 frame data, it’s more up to date AND more detailed than even the USF4 Bible. Hit boxes will be added sometime later in the future to the move description section, though you can use the decapre.com videos as well.

Info on the DPs is slightly off and will be fixed in a few days when I do a 2nd pass for everyone at once. Currently missing throw invincibility for LK DP and lists HK as fully invincible when it should be Strike Invincible only.

Post errors you find here: Ultra Street Fighter 4 SRK wiki has had a major update
or send me a PM to make sure I see them.


Kind of late to the party but did anyone get a copy of this?

I would like to learn this character on a serious level and seems like this would help a lot.

So if someone wouldn’t mind PMing this it would be greatly appreciated!


I’d love to, but I don’t have Live at the moment unfortunately. Only games I’ve been able to get in are offline.


Hey, guys. Been playing Poison for a good while and feel myself getting much better with her. However, there are still parts of my game that I need work on.

I have a habit of finishing EX WOL with j.HK (in the corner I either use Love Storm, HP WOL, or j.MP and dash under to continue) and then going for an overhead afterwards, cl.HK hoping for a CH, or an EX LMT hoping to catch them. While this is okay to do, I find myself getting hit with reversals more times than I like.

So my question is what’s the best thing to do when you want to follow-up on the last hit of EX WOL midscreen?


For sheer damage ultra is the best option, but there is so much scaling that it might not be worth it unless you know it will kill.

The great thing about ex.LMT is that you have a lot of options afterwards. Most of the options don’t work on all characters.
hp.WoL is good for damage when it does work, lk.KbG works too.
If you aren’t attached to the damage you can do the cross under just like you described in the corner, or you could do s.lk followed by overhead.

If you want to do the cross under in the corner you can do it out of j.hk.


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