"We must get back through the portal and CLOSE IT!" Doctor Strange Team Thread



Thread about how to work with characters like Spider Man to close portals (or create strong teams for beating other teams…whatever). Talk about assists that work with Strange, how Strange’s assists can work with other characters etc.

Don’t be afriad to talk about other characters in this thread. Nobody plays just one character and no one character wins in a team. Plus it helps to learn matchups and how other characters work.


Right now I’m looking at Strange/Hawkeye/Doom as a team to try out for some time. There are a few things in flux with this team, mostly of Stephen or Clint starts on point, and what the combo of assists will be. I’ll probably run with Triple Shot/Hidden Missiles at first, but I’ll give Ragtime/Plasma beam a try as well.

I feel that this team should have some pretty good synergy, especially with some assist punishing options. Either Gimlet -> SoV or SoV -> Super Scatter Shot figure to be good assist punishers at any point of the screen without needing to pop XF.

Strange should benefit from these assists fairly well; Triple Shot for teleport crossups on top of Strange’s tools, and Missiles to help Strange set up graces or for general pin down. One of my concerns about this team is meter building, but with meter gain down across the board, it may not be as big of an issue as I’m thinking it could be.


Truth be told,I just want to pick 3 characters that have definitely caught my attention in Ultimate.
Nova / Dante / Strange is my theorycrafted team of choice but i’m not set on the assists or positioning. My game plan is to have Nova on point w/ dante support while Doctor Strange cleans up lategame with XF3 level three, dics and teleports.

I don so I was wondering if you guys could tell me if this team would work?


you guys probably know by now that I’m running Strange/Vergil/Doom (or Vergil/Strange/Doom, whichever ends up working better for me). assuming Vergil has ways to make his shit safe, this team is gonna be my main throughout Ultimate otherwise I’m dropping him for someone else (probably Strider, though I -really- wanna play Vergil).


Mazio, are you leaning towards Hidden Missiles or Plasma Beam for Doom’s assist? I’m sure having a beam assist for Vergil’s mixup game is important but just curious what you are thinking.

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well, with Strange/Vergil/Doom and the choice between Missiles or Plasma Beam, it really comes down to which character I want to benefit the most, or which character I want to give more attention to. initially I was thinking that Missiles would help Strange go to work with the zoning/Grace of Hoggoth stuff and bail him out of trouble with Missiles’ combo-breaking nonsense. it would also probably help Vergil with his approach and mixup by limiting vertical space and compressing the action to the ground/near ground where his left-right 50/50s become a threat, but don’t quote me on that just yet. I see it helping out Strange more than Vergil, though.

Plasma Beam benefits both Strange and Vergil equally since it’s a beam assist, and a really good one at that. both characters are good at left-rights and it’ll definitely help Strange’s zoning but what’s interesting is that when I’m facing a character with a fullscreen projectile like Akuma, I can pretty much just sit back, call Doom to discourage the opponent’s approach, and throw Graces because from fullscreen, what’s he gonna do? Beam super? obviously you can answer that with Seven Rings or throw out Mystic Swords to zone and beat their projectiles. with Vergil, besides the left-right mixups, I’m actually leaning more towards Plasma Beam because his normals are so unsafe. I know about the true blockstring S~H~S~H stuff but my concern is people will catch on and start pushblocking that. without meter, (I’m theorizing here) probably an unconventional way of confirming is calling Doom beam while I’m doing the blockstring and then cancelling into teleport, essentially giving Vergil a 50/50 setup out of his blockstrings. Molecular Shield assist can do the same thing as well.

I seriously need to get my hands on the game.


Good analysis there. I agree with you, just need my hands on the game and some time to tinker Roth my team to see which Doom assist I’ll run with.

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My day 1 team is probably going to be Zero/Doom/Strange. Some insider info suggests Zero/Dante synergy got nerfed pretty hard. I have no idea what assist combination I’ll be using though. Zero will probably be on Ryuenjin just because it’s his least bad assist (and can crossover counter cancel into Sougenmu into a dead character). Historically Doom’s Plasma Beam has been the best assist to pair with Zero but the question now is if Bolts might actually be better. Obviously both aren’t needed, so I see a few potential combinations:

Plasma Beam/Daggers: Teleport mixup for Zero from the Plasma Beam and Daggers for lockdown (plus a bit of close-quarters mixup).

Bolts/Rocks: Basically replacing Beam with Bolts and using Rocks because it is a good combo extender.

Bolts/Missiles: I used Missiles very early on in vanilla with Zero and they are very good, they just lend themselves to a style of Zero that’s different from what I’m used to (but still very good). With the improved buster and the added focus on resets and zoning I think this might be the best assist combo from these 2 characters to go with Zero.

As for DHC’s/THC’s; I don’t think I even need to point out the synergy here. Ride (and read) the rainbow.


I’ll try the Strange Team “Dormammu/Shuma/DrStrange”

Mystic Ray works well with teleports and zoning.


I was hoping someone would play that team. I have a feeling it would work surprisingly well.


Yeah, I’ve been wondering as well how well Dorm and Strange would work together.

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I was thinking about this team too but I was thinking about having Strange have Eye of Aggamoto (sp?) to help lock the opponent down with Zero.


need thoughts on anchor strange


Me too. From the impressions I’ve been getting from the streams that’ve been running with him, point and second seem super good, but as an anchor, I just see him as being decent at best. Sure he can set up his own mix ups, but I just don’t see anchor as his strong suit. Time will tell though. Just a few more days.


Yeah he seems like he’ll need assists also to buy time to set up the full screen homing tatsu assist that is 3 yellows plus flames of faltine. I doubt he’s going to be able to set up the real broken stuff like that unless he has assists helping his zone. I see him being a character that can really control the game if you build a team around him 1st or second. As anchor you’ll just get a one or 2 daggers to teleport left/right mixes and then people will probably just run to the corner so they can’t get crossed up like Phoenix and lame out your XF.


I’m thinking of running:
Wesker, Strange, and Magneto.


(The fact that you keep posting videos from that [terrible] 1990s Fox Spider-man cartoon kinda makes me want to make a Spider-man/Doctor Strange/Dormammu now.)

Well, I was initially going to make a Ryu (Hadouken)/Doctor Strange (Bolts of Balthakk)/Morrigan (Dark Harmonizer) team, even after I realized that Morrigan’s movement probably got indirectly nerfed into the ground; it faltered a lot more when I thought that Ryu’s Hado Kakusei bled him out (a lot more than supposedly still does). I then learned that Frank West apparently has a meter-building assist in his “Drinking” assist…

It seems like a decent excuse to try out another new character, not that I wasn’t going to not try out all of the 12 anyway, that can actually move about, especially since Ryu, even with Hado Kakusei, is still pretty “basic” (and he can actually dash properly now). So it seems like the first team I use with Doctor Strange will be Ryu (Hadouken)/Frank West (Drinking)/Doctor Strange (Bolts of Balthakk), even if it’s more of a Ryu team than anything to test out Hado Kakusei; it’s hardly serious, especially since I’m not sure how viable Hado Kakusei (or anything else Ryu got) when he’s not actively hitting someone

That said, while I have increasingly come to respect DevilJin 01’s opinions, I’m not sure I entirely agree that Strange is mediocre as anchor. Mix-up wise, yes, he of course benefits from assists, but to me, as long as he has at least one or more bars of meter (and with a meter assist and as anchor, why wouldn’t he), he seems like he’s going to the best anti-anchor anchor in the game.

I mean, Seven Rings of Ragadorr basically ensures that anyone, even Golden Armor XF3 Arthur, can’t win by chipping him out even without him using X-Factor and he can super cancel that from basically any and every special that he would be using to zone them; that it Seven Rings (in hand) also should counter Dark Phoenix’s derpy aspects is another testament to it. Similarly, given how Spell of Vishanti seems basically guaranteed to come out and we already have confirmed he can X-Factor Cancel & :rdp:+:h: to combo after it, they can’t exactly get too cocky when it comes to try rush him down either unless they have an invulnerable super that either stays invulnerable enough for the pillar to stop hitting or goes into a cinematic.

So, to my mind, unless they’re already ahead of you in life (in which case you’re probably screwed anyway), who cares if they’re across the screen from you, huddled into the corner so you can’t mix them after you screwed up with X-Factor (or were forced to into it)? You can still probably chip the hell out of them or at least set-up and it’s not like even teleporters get in for free if you have one bar.

“Hmm…it would seems he disappeared. Finally, I can go back to reading.”

So…yeah. I’m probably going to try him out as anchor just to see how it goes, especially since putting Ryu as anchor defeats the point of that team and Frank West is probably horrible as anchor (if he isn’t already leveled up). It’s not a “serious” team anyway–for that, I’ll likely default to Chris/Doctor Strange/Dormammu for a bit when it comes to Stephen; I’m not sure if there’s a “serious” team that Ryu & Doctor Strange can both exist on and actually benefit one another anyway.

Note that me meeting as failure with Doctor Strange as anchor frequently wouldn’t really prove “anything” in that regards (just like my willing would)–it would just mean that I suck (with him); it’s the same reason why I don’t want to run him in front (just yet).

(Speaking of that Spider-man/Doctor Strange/Dormammu team, if I screw around with that, I’d probably go Web Ball/Disks/Dark Hole–it’s kinda ironic that Dormammu is my second most used character after Chris in vanilla but I don’t think I’ve intentionally used the Dark Hole assist more than half a dozen times.)

Ugh. Having gotten ravaged by P. Gorath’s Wolverine backed by Mystic Ray assist before he moved to X-Box, I can vouch for this.

Yeah, it seems like it should be effective. Although, even with the argument I made for Strange as anchor, I’m pretty sure I won’t put him as anchor over Dormammu. Air X-Factor preventing Stalker Flare auto-win assist, X-Factor level 3 Dormammu is almost as bad as Dark Phoenix or Dark (vanilla) Wesker or Dark Gouki to me: he’s like a X-Factor 3 Chris you can’t escape chip-wise, while being more mobile than Arthur or Chris.


Yeah he’ll most likely be a solid anchor in the same sense that Ammy was in that he’ll be able to lame out other people’s XF’s and do some solid damage off basic projectile to teleport mix ups. It’s just due to not having an air dash his mix up opportunity will obviously be much stronger with assists to create multiple 50/50’s and give more time to set up full screen homing tatsu beams off the graces.


well that settles that for me I shall be running him anchor for a while see how it goes

will most likely use the beam assist(god help my soul)


(Speaking of his X-Factor, I was surprised he gets such a large boost in power when in X-Factor 3…and then I remembered that everyone gets the same boost; it’s just that people have different times…which they didn’t give in the guide, it seems.)

Yeah, I can see that despite not using Ammy (and dreading the speed boost she’s going to have). He’ll definitely better with an assist to back-up his X-Factor (as pretty much every character is) and there will probably be things that he won’t be able to do outright against an opponent if he has only has X-Factor but no assists.

I just wanted to make an counter argument for an anchor since I can’t resist being Devil’s Advocate it seems and no one else had made one.