We need a scene in...(not really)

So I was randomly thinking about random fighting games from the past, and how funny it would be if, for no apparent reason, sizable scenes for them appeared now. In 2007. Like OMF 2097, or Sango Fighter II, or…this thing. In some seriousness, I wouldn’t mind having some competition in some off-the-wall games like Breakers Revenge, which was fairly well done. What other slept-on or otherwise forgotten games are out there? I know a lot of us probably played a few fighters we found fun that seemingly nobody else played.

Random note: when I used to play my cousin in the 2 character demo of Sango Fighter waaaaay back, the character who was not Xia Hou Dun (no idea what his anme was) did some sort of forward jump-dash slash attack. He swore the guy was saying “CHRIST SAVED US!” every time he did it. I have to grab that game just to refresh my memory.

Definitely Breakers Revenge. You don’t know “High Priority” until you played against Condor.

My input:
-ZOE2 versus mode

Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Tokubetsuhen for the SNES. Great fighting game.

God, Condor. TAMAHU!

I don’t know the ZOE game, but now I’m curious.

Sonic Fighter, GO!

^Oh, and ZOE is a favorite of mine. Some don’t care for it, but it’s just good all around. Both one and two, but two is more flashy and with the times. I hadn’t actually considered versus in it, but that could actually be fun.

I’ve never before seen a heavy grappler that you could play with such audacity. And he isn’t even top tier!

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner(in versus mode). Unfortunately, about 4 people in the world have played it seriously.

King of Fighters 2001.

saizos got the dumbest spacing game ever

i think hes seriously one of the cheapest characters in any fighting game and i never call stuff cheap

i haven’t played in a while, so…who is top tier? I’d have to guess Sho, maybe Saizo, and after that…no idea.

saizos top
shos right below [last i checked he can keep some chars in blockstun forever but there are a few exceptions]

actually im not sure since i havent seen enough saizo play but its a toss up between those two i know that much

How far below the top are the lower chars? I always assumed Tia was pretty low, but I still enjoyed playing with her.

“Pielle” still cracks me the hell up.

tias actually really good
alsion too

pielles bottom i think

i mean every char has their dumb shit but the top chars have REALLY REALLY dumb shit

I like how sho can pretty much end ANYTHING with an air fireball. :lol:

And yeah, there’s a ton of abusable stuff in the game. I just saw this: :lol:


Lol, I know. Saizo’s uf/ub+LK/HK’s are instant overheads. You can combo a jumpin into a jump out!

Kunai throw, dash far.HP. Kunai throw, jump up LP.

Saizo’s higher than Sho but not by that far. Sho’s got an infinite.

My mains are Tia and Dao Long.

Tia can hang. What I love to do with her is jump back HP kara cancelled into air Turn Scythe over and over to get meter. That shit fills fast. It also works great jumping forward as an air-to-air since the air.HPxxTurnScythe combos in the air and sets up a guaranteed super combo juggle once you land. And she has some awesome block strings.

Great memories from this game. Jaguar Leap for the win.

Fighters Destiny(n64)

Boro ftw

I was gonna say TMNT:TF(SNES) but from what I can tell, NYC has a scene that’s on and off.

That game was awesome.

How about a scene for Megaman power battles, Gundam Battle assualt and Power Stone?

ZOE - 2nd Runner
Yu Yu Hakusho - Makyoutohissen (Genesis)
Bloody Roar 4
King of the Monster II (Genesis)
Project Justice

You guys forget Time Killers~!!! That was one great game ha ha ha