We need buffs!

K so as we know, Sak isn’t too good in this game and most of her game is based around resets. So let’s post some buffs that we think Sak needs for whenever Dash drops.

-Standing roundhouse needs quicker startup like from back in the alpha days. Most of her normals have slow start up and have no range whatsoever, so she doesn’t have much to poke or defend herself with. Also, make close st.rh be done by pressing back + rh. It’s just to good of a move to not be used as an anti air; there’s basically no use for it atm.

-RH tatsu needs to knock down because…there’s no reason it shouldn’t. None of the frames are cancellable and it leaves you with basically no frame advantage on hit (you’re not gonna do much with 2 frames). It does more dmg than shouken but shouken has more range, does more stun, links to super and causes knock down.

-EX Shouken should have ALL hits to connect. It’s space dependant but it’s dumb that if I go through a fireball with it, they eat the first 3 hits and can block the rest.

-Air tatsu is good for gettin out the corner like Ryu’s, but other than that it doesn’t have much use. It’s not even her best air to air move, so maybe a crossup hitbox would be nice. But ex tatsu is just completely useless. Make it so that she can get a juggle off it or something.

-Bring back j.mk as a cross up…they probably took it out because of her tatsu resets but it’s not like the jump in would be a free hit everytime. Decrease the hit stun so it has to be hit deep if you have to. I just don’t feel it’s just that she doesn’t have one. It’s hardly gonna be anything worse than Viper’s sjc bk’s or Rufus’ dive kick.

-Would it be too much to make lk otoshi an overhead? :confused: Just slightly increase the startup.

-And bring back these win poses! http://file.fcmgame.com/picture0320/sf/sfz/sfz149.gif http://file.fcmgame.com/picture0320/sf/sfz/sfz144.gif

I really hate that.

I’ve lovingly dubbed it the “up-skirt kick”, I like to flash her bloomers on a KO if I’m close enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways I like the idea :tup: The AI uses it as AA sometimes but I bet the timing has to be really precise, which is why the stupid AI can get away with it >.<

I get the feeling the only reason Shunpuu doesn’t knock down anymore is for Light Shunpuu links and for all the hits to combo, only problem is all the hits don’t combo. I’ve also thought the HK version should knock down.

Tell me about it >.< Some kind of draw in effect would be nice, Dan’s Super suffers the same problem but to a greater extent.

I’d also like to add how the damage is pathetic, just 50 from it and there’s no chance of multiple hits. I think in Alpha if it was done “right” you could land two or more hits off it. To draw parallels to Dan his LK Dankuu (AKA Dan Knee AKA Knee of Justice) has increased damage, think like Sakura it’s 50 damage per hit on the multi-hit variety but like 75 on the single-hit knee. Make Sakura’s air Shunpuu do more damage than a single hit!

If the Haru Ranman had juggle properties I bet she could juggle into it off an air EX Shunpuu in the corner, possibly a regular one too.

I doubt they considered the reset possibilities off an EX Shunpuu, they might have thought it’d make her too strong but God damn Ryu, Akuma, Ken and even Dan have awesome cross-ups so why can’t she?

I wouldn’t mind making all Otoshi overhead, they’re all pretty slow anyways so it’d just mean people would have to stand up to block it. Don’t mess with the startup though, think Light version is best for combo ending EX Shunpuu.

Where’s the one with the shoe flying off? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m surprised you didn’t mention her Hadoukens, think the thing that needs the most tweaking for Sakura is her Hadouken game. Increasing the speed in all three areas (startup, projectile speed and recovery) would make it a much more useful zoning tool.

Something that would be nice but not really essential would be giving Haru Ranman juggle properties. There wouldn’t really be all that many more situations she could get it in, maybe off an FADC’d EX Hadouken or an air Shunpuu in corner.

they need to fix the hitboxes for EX tatsu…so we dont fly over people’s heads anymore

Goes same for HK Shunpuu, still possible to hit them and end up going over their head :frowning: Think they need more pushback to stop this or something.

All I really want is for any ground Shunpukyaku to knock down an air opponent (it did in EVERY other game, why change this now?), s.HK to be a bit faster, and her j.MK to cross up again. Would also appreciate being able to cancel Otoshi with K like in A3 & CvS2, and of course fix her freaking hit boxes so that things hit once and then whiff in a ridiculous manner (Shouoken & HK/EX Shunpu). The return of the Midare Zakura could make me happy too (but then again, I really hate nearly everyone’s ultra being a “free” powered up version of their super. It’s just lazy design). Her Hadouken had never been a staple of her offence, so I don’t mind it staying the way it is.

I’d like for the Otoshi to be K cancelable too as well as being able to punch projectiles, that was fun :smiley:

I guess they figured the Midare Zakura was too similar to Ken’s Shoryu-Reppa, it might make for a better Super since it travels further, faster and has/had better invulnerability. Her EX Shououken is basically the Lv1 Midare Zakura now, just like how Ryu’s EX Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku is his old Shinkuu Tatsumaki super. I like her Ultra animation though, launch, smash and stamp, awesome =3

Her Hadouken might not have been good but surely it was more useful than it is now :frowning: Well I like how all versions travel the same distance now, seems to be a tiny bit more than her past heavy Hadouken.

I just wish things were a little bit faster. Like her startup, recovery and stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been grabbed out of a shouoken and FA after I’ve let go.

Or after I hit someone with a c.hp, even though they got hit, they recover quickly enough to uppercut me back, before I can finish or cancel it.

a better fb and faster s.rh. thats all she needs.

she doesnt need a better crossup. her jump in game is already ridiculous with j.fierce and j.rh. adding an alpha style sakura j.forward crossup would just be a bad idea unless you nerf the other attacks.

but yeah, better fb and fast s.rh, and shes good to go.

Mk tastu +3 on hit, -1 on block. I would be happy with that.

oh wait one other thing, dash needs to be safe on focus hit(non crumple). its shitty when you get a hit in with focus and dashing forward is still an unsafe option

Her dash after focus is standard, at -2 after dash in on hit. Same as ryu, you might be mistiming the dash.

Quite a few things I’d like to see happen in second down for her. She’s always been one of my favorite characters, it’s a crying shame she had to end up on the low end this time.

Most of my wish list is admittedly unreasonable…but I’d like a better fireball, reliable anti-air (preferably making her close st.HK a command normal), j.MK as a cross up, better startup on st.RH, knockdown and a repaired hitbox on HK Shunpuu, and better range on her sweep. Also, a bigger (extra frame or two) link window after LK Tatsu would be nice just for the sake of making it more reliable in online matches, but that’s pretty unlikely…

I want to see her choke move make a come back. I love that move! Let me choke someone to death and I can live with everything else…

I think her crossup game as it is now is pretty good. Her only deep crossup is j.lk, but j.fierce and j.roundhouse are randomly ambiguous crossups.

she just needs a fireball that is useful.

@Hidamarii: Then you’re not canceling it :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I have to agree with having a decent fireball, and fixing the issue of EX DP getting blocked after a max-range hit (The latter is why I gave up on her).

There is a critical distance where LP sho’ouken whiffs and falls on Blanka’s electricity and simultaneously MP sho’ouken hits but is unable to knock him down and she falls on Blanka’s electricity.

(I was testing in training against an electrifying Blanka last night.)

Generally both j.HK and j.HP don’t cross-up, you might end behind the opponent but the attack hits in front of them.

Saying that I’ve found j.HP can cross-up on certain characters but it’s extremely tight and useless as a cross-up since a little movement would avoid it (as one would do when expecting a cross-up).

Furthering the Shunpuu conversation, how about knock-down on the last hit of the MK and HK versions? :frowning:

I know, but I try! :3

The pad is so funny sometimes, I’ll be pressing down, but the input reader will say it’s downback until I press downforward!

Only happens when I’m facing left to right as well :frowning: