we need KOF

why hasnt evo accepted KOF yet…?

Evo accepted KoF?

More like the other way around buddy.

Come to EVO Worlds and find me…and leave the rest to me my friend…


BYOC, thnxkbai

Where exactly are all the snk tournaments across the country? Seems like no fan base to me.

Thats actually what I am trying to accomplish Mr. Wizard…to bring them all together from their scattered parts in unison…


Come see this thread whoever made this thread- Join me in my quest…


dg u have my respect for really pushing this through, id help if i could,

u have my moral support, gudlak

No prob my I appreciate it…if any of you are gonna be at EVO East, North or EVO Worlds stay tuned for many the threads are already out there!!!

Cuz we need other great games like SSBM. I mean, is Evo going to start being exclusively for fighting games now?