We need more 3s players in seattle

just following suit.:lovin:


The new trend of thread making.


Well to get the ball rolling…

I wanna learn more about Dudley?!? Anyone?!?

I’m down for Seattle play as long as its not GW.

dudley is a beast i think he’s the “ken” of upper tier where you can play safe and get some confirms on c. shortx2, s.mp>dp>super and he’s amazing ablility to juggle an opponent but i think his best attribute is his corner pressurem but i don’t play dudley at all i really only play makoto and i mainly started this thread because i keep hearing people trying to push 3rd strike up in seattle and bye people i mainly mean greyfox, lol, i had the pleasure of playing jason (oro player) a couple of weeks ago (amonth?) and he’s pretty dope just play against him alot to learn mind games just remember blocking is top tier, keep shit fresh and uoh should not be ignored ^^. i really hope you guys revive this scene up there!

We have a good number of people that can play this game well, it is just that the scene itself does not appear as active as others.


Im working on the weak machine gun juggle now. i landed the d+fk juggle but thanks.

Thread is starting to fall into place i guess.

Dudley corner pressure is basically taunt to stuff wakeups and force a block, then throw, sweep, c.lk x2, and f+hk overhead. Short Swing Blow is a reasonable counter to opponent throw attempts, and cancels to super.

f+mk is also a nice tool, links to super and gives good frame advantage for mixups, not as needed in wakeup situations, but for general midscreen/corner in close fighting.

I love it when i get an opponent in the corner. Mixups are devastating.

I’m moving to Seattle tomorrow.

You’re moving to Seattle?! Crazy! Definately gotta play you again.

Too true. Corner mixups are evil against anyone but Mr. Genei-jin (fucking Yun :annoy:), who can just normal his way out or activate super and outprioritize virtually any move in the game.

also definatly gonna have to come to portland.

just gotta be brave wait for them to do something like twards medium kick in genei then parry and punish it! =D

Yun is way too good.

I wanna learn a 2nd character. Suggestions?!?!

Ken is my fun character i guess…

Nah…I’m just playing. I just wanted to up my post count.

See you guys in VEGAS!

Yabuki Style…did we play last Evo?

We gotta play again this year Devil Jin. This time I wont be counter charactered by your Ibuki.

…so long as people stay away from playing Urien, I"ll be happy. <3

why can there only be one? what are you some kind of highlander?

Lol. Damn hella don’t remember me. Yeah we played. Hell, I roomed with you guys. I would be “nken’s friend”.