We need more Alien Swarm players in the NW!

Alien Swarm is a free game that came out yesterady on Steam and it is awesome. Info and trailer @ the Steam link:

Alien Swarm on Steam

Alien Swarm on Steam

My Steam ID:

Steam Community :: ID :: FuriousJodo


Steam ID: Zafo999

I’m also all over TF2 and L4D2 lately if we got any of that happening in Seattle.

If only I had a setup that could handle pc gaming.

It’s based on the Source engine so you shouldn’t need too much of a rig to handle it. I’m sure it scales pretty well as most Source games do.

Yeah! I just downloaded this game yesterday, and it runs really well on my 6-year-old computer. I think my steam ID is “MMOlch” or something, like my XBL tag.

I’ll have to download and see how it runs. My friend let’s me use his account since I rarely play anything on pc. I think I tried to run tf2 with less then stellar results.

Danny mentioned this in the OP, but the game IS TOTALLY FREE WITH NO ADS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT.

It’s all about Beat Hazard…that game is tight.

oh yeah Stream ID Frankdadank

I’ll probably be jumping on this when I get home in like 30 minutes.

Add me yo
ID: grinnelton

SteamID "cappy8@comcast.net"

originalkdawg you already knokw hhahah appaently i alreadyhad a steam iD cs 1.6?

how the fuck do i add people hahaha

Just click on our community links and you should be able to add us:

Super_Joe1182 is my handle.

Downloading the game right now…

…I keep getting the message “Alien Swarm is not available for your platform” WTF

Bitch I have a MacBook Pro, everything works on this…FUCK!

Downloaded it and play it, my roomies play it a lot!!