We need more Black women in fighting games

I am sick and tired of seeing nothing but generic white and asian women in fighting games. Nina Williams, Asuka, Lili, Chun Li, Sakura. It’s getting really old. Why was Elena not included in SF4? Why does Tekken still not have a black female character after all these years? Black women are the most beautiful women on Earth, and the pillar of Black/African society and the Black community. Yet they are nowhere to be found.

Korean men have evolved to see the superior beauty of the African queen, hence why in one of their latest MMOs, they have included a race inspired by the black woman’s beauty:

So why can’t Japan realize that? Capcom almost gave us a possible beautiful black female that could have been used for MvC3(Gloria), but ruined that by making her turn out to be a WHITE woman. Once again, black women got the shaft. I say enough is enough. Why can’t these companies be more like Sega? Sega created the sexiest black woman to ever appear in a fighting game:


Vanessa is the exemplification of black beauty, she is an African Queen, a Nubian Goddess. Look at her mocha skin, her strong and supple body. That is the beauty of a true goddess. Not like that ugly generic white woman she’s fighting. We need more women like Vanessa from Virtua Fighter. Less of these “blonde assassins” and “japanese schoolgirls”. I will enjoy playing as Vanessa and crushing those inferior women between her goddesslike thighs of destruction.

Who else here agrees with me, and feels we need more beautiful black women in fighting games? I chose this place to spread my message, as this area has a high concentration of black men like myself, strong black men who want to see our Nubian sisters portrayed in our favorite games, not shuttled off to the background.

What a stupid topic.

You must be one of those little boys who can’t enjoy a fighter unless it has skinny weak looking asian schoolgirls and white women right? Maybe us real black men would like to see our Nubian sisters in these games too more often.

Edit: Also notice, Vanessa’s legs in that video are just like Chun Li’s. Who seriously think any asian woman can have a body like that? Dream on. Chun Li always had a black woman’s body.

Vanessa from Virtua Fighter isn’t black and neither is the girl in the other video you posted.

Even though you’re trolling, I sympathize with your cause. BLACK POWER! :p:

Vanessa is black. It’s pretty obvious she is. She sure as hell isn’t asian or white.

Look at that picture and tell me she’s black.

Regardless of her skin tone, she has Caucasian features. At the very most, she could be half black.

Care to explain her flowing hair, then?

As for the cold, hard truth about black women (hell, black people in general) in fighting games… it’s because Japanese are very racist. Not trying to be a dick, it’s true. Here’s the funny part: they make their Japanese fighters look white as the driven snow, too. Stats are JPN, but they clearly look Caucasian. Can someone explain to me why Ryu seems to have blue eyes in SF4? Hell, while we’re on the subject, why in the sam hell did Dudley have blue eyes in SF3???

honestly man either your trolling or you obviously have racial issues.

The Japanese doesn’t want women with thick delicious asses in anything that isn’t hentai. Try again please.

This thread is racist, much like the OP’s sig.

Terrible troll thread, please lock.

Also Storm is godlike in XvsSF and MvC2.

African women can have straight flowing hair, just look at Iman:

It is only because of the mass media that we believe blacks cannot have straight hair.

They have to add Bobby Brown and Chris Brown too. Someone needs to beat these women.

Also I have a theory on this. My theory is the men don’t create more of these characters due to the fear of the effect it would have on the women in Japan. Imagine if you were a Japanese woman. And you see fighting games with beautiful black goddesses, with perfect bodies, strong yet feminine, like Vanessa. Next thing you know, you notice all the guys in Japan wanting these women, desiring them, lusting after them. No longer are they looking at “moe”, and Asuka from Tekken. They’re now talking about big asses and meaty thighs and dark skin. Ganguro girls become more popular, and try hard to get bigger asses and thighs, becoming the new glory of Japan. But even they can’t compare. Eventually the men will only want black women. Japanese women will be forced to ask men out, only to get rejected. All because they aren’t black women. King magazine will have high sales in japan at a record rate. Characters like Asuka will be killed off, as black women replace them. It would be sheer madness.

So I think Japan does this, because they fear the repercussions on their women.

because he is indian, not black

Dudley’s English.

This thread should be titled “We need more BLACK PEOPLE in fighting games”.

The only blk females I know in fighting games “that matter” are Elena, Storm, and Vanessa. LOL those might be the only ones period. :lol:

I still LOL…when I think about the time, when I read the Tekken 5 strategy guide and Raven’s ethnicity is UNKNOWN!!!

Really Namco?


Maybe I should counter this thread and make one about how fighting games need more mandingos, thugs/gangbangers, and…



Blacks can have different eye colors besides brown.

Lol his name’s African King. :wow:

Actually she’s definitely black, it’s just that Sega for whatever reason wanted to whitewash her for VF5. This is her portrait for VF4: http://lh3.ggpht.com/_bdQJpr2YVXU/RyOBY4TwUXI/AAAAAAAADu8/LyJjbUgIQmU/\\sallesrv01\mes%20documents\2\vl.jpg

C. Viper should have been black