We need more Black women in fighting games

dam black people got it hard enough dont you watch fox news hate on obama for being black now why would you want capcom doing the same thing shut it or were gonna have the same trouble just leave race out of it. im black and you know what (uncle ruckus time!) i dont need no baboon looking long breast hanging suck me dry for all my money until she get that prada purse she want in no fighting game GET IN THE KITCHEN! nah all jokes aside let not race be the issue this thread is a joke end plz and once i again i was joking about the black women thing i loves every woman and i also hate em equally.

I knew she was blk all along. :razz:



…j/k :lol:

lmao , probably plays bb/gg/sc/doa

[media=youtube]sewDV8VBQgA[/media] :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

niggaz have time on their hands

What exactly are Caucasian features? Because a long slender nose is common among people from Somalia and other East/North African countries. Not all blacks have flat wide noses like the media wants you to believe.

You accidentally put up a white fist. On subject I notice in games that black female characters look white Elena is one look at her and then her family who look even more white. There should be more American made fgs. Don’t really know any besides MK.

Because 94% of all Black girls are out getting pregnant or just being whores. Yes im Black jus callin it like I see it lol.

aye i didnt see you put no jk at the end of that statement ill whip yo ass… booooooooy ill whip yo ass and i would say 45% of those black women lol (no relation)


Coming from Camden area… Im far from joking lol.

This is a pretty bad troll attempt BUT:

lol @ Vanessa not being black because she has “caucasian features and flowing hair”

I’m not implying that most people go to Africa at some point in their lives, but at the same time, big nosed baboons with barbed wire for hair isnt exactly the archetype for africans either. Having a thin nose or straight hair isnt a trait of non-blacks lol.

I dont even feel like going into this. Some of you are really really dumb.

Don’t be angry at them, be angry at the white media for promoting the idea that all blacks look the same.

I really wish people weren’t allowed to make threads on the same they they signed up.

P.S. I guess “black women” are the new “Steve Wilkos.”

One quick glance at his username after reading his thread title, and I knew we had a troll on our hands.

Why, because I am proud of my African heritage? Because I take pride in being a Black man, one of the Kings of the Earth? There is much glory in being a Black man, and I proudly revel in it. Stay Black my brother.

You got alt color palettes for this.

ok then well camden is pretty bad next to newark lol so outside of camden i think the women are alright

Man I love srk :rofl:

No Steve Wilkos is the new Oprah…who is a black woman