We Need More BlazBALOO Players In Seattle


After much discussion tonight at the latest House of Horrors SFIV session, I was convinced to create this thread for everybody that may be interested in Blazblue. As stated in the “hey hey hey” and “Rally Point Gameworks” threads, Blazblue is now located at Gameworks. For you Southern King County residents, please do not forget that Blazblue is still at ACME Bowl at 75 cents a game. Let’s get it crunk in this game hoe.



I’m getting it day one on 360, and as such if there is interest will have a setup for the Baloo at the scrumbles. It seems less gross than SFIV, in any case.


^Litchi’s coming for yo shit. Like my nigga Scar say



I bought this shit and it better be tight. Im going down with arakune and noel for backup cause they’re both raw as hell.

You know all I want to do is some gross shit like turn invisible and then backthrow->super

Edit: If you wanna learn some shit about this game, check out these links.




bouta give jin a shot


arakune cuz hes a blob taht throws hella shit everywhere


Man I think I’m gonna use either Jin or Litchi. Whoever seems easier, more fun. LOL.


oh damn blazblue is at acme bowl… ima go hit that up during my work lunch haha… thanks for the threat mandel


I may buy this game, but I will most likely not play it. If anything I will learn it enough to beat people who actually care about the game. I crush scrub dreams.


Can any of the GGXX heads comment on this game? Is it good or will people play it for 2 weeks and drop it?


a bit old, but pretty informative for these characters…
Tager vs Rachel/Jin vs Rachel/Jin vs Arakune -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpojxvrD460

Kaqn plays Ragna: [media=youtube]5Ru1Nw_fwR0[/media]
this vid also showcases carls claploop in the first round


most of the active NW GG posters dont play BB, but all of the oldschool GG crew plays it hella. They’ve all moved over and only a few still play AC, but they’re reclusive like normal. Most of them are gonna show up to NWR, I’m sure…

Online components and everything means this one is definitely a keeper… there is barely any lag and PS3 version has PSP portable options so you can play it on the go… lol


What hellsap said is regarded as the truth. BB is tight though, I recommend everyone to try it out.



Staff girl is win.


blazblue can kiss my fucking ass.

Kof can kiss my fucking ass after i took a shit.

Gameworks can suck my dick.

TvC is cool.


Who gives a shit about what the old “GG crew” plays, they’re (virtually) all nasty anyways.

I’m not fucking around. V-13 here, watch.


Damn…I should just move to Seattle lol


TvC just seems like a weak ass water version of marvel to me, but i still have fun playing tekkaman and shooting huge fucking lasers.

looks like srk created a section for BB now which is legit.


Thread update: Mandel is now never playing Blazbaloo again after playing one Arakune player.


I kind of was anticipating this and wondering whether or not it would happen.