We need more Blitzkampf players in the northwest

Hey all, I’m trying to get a little bit of a scene going for Akatsuki Blitzkampf; here’s the old SRK thread for it: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=188284

Anyways, it’s a doujin game yes. But this game is awesome, it plays similar to a Street Fighter game with a touch of doujin. Combos are all generally 2-3 hits into special like in OG street fighter, there’s also a few juggles in the corner, but nothing really crazy or full of infinites. There’s a wide variety of cast and everyone can win, there are tiers obviously though.

Here’s a combo vid so you can get a look at the game, there’s a few videos scattered online.


http://akatsuki.mizuumi.net/ is a great resource. Has frame data and other stuff.

Here’s all the characters, you can play every style pretty much.:

Akatsuki - rushdown, poking
Mycale - zoning, keepaway
Sai - rushdown, has a weird grab game
Kanae - grappler
Fritz - zoning, has a raging demon
Marilyn Sue - rushdown
Wei - rushdown, buffs himself
Anonym - keepaway
Elektrosoldat - zoning, also is robot guile pretty much
Blitztank - zoning, keepaway
Adler - poking, has an aegis reflector type of move
Murakumo - zoning, rushdown, can also do keepaway

yeah, I’m kinda isolated as I’m in Bellingham, but this is my favorite game right now and I’m working on getting people to play with me. Easy game to jump into.

Here’s a link to the patched game complete with everything.