We need more Call of Duty 4 players in Seattle

Mandel Frank and I just played that shit for 8 hours straight. Accompanied by Jeff, Elliot, Evan, all sorts of people came and go as we played that shit way too much. Even Ghrrk hung out in the xbox live party even though he didn’t have the game.

whatchu know about Headquarters on Shipment

Hahahah I’ll buy the next one that comes out for sure. I’ll play that shit. clan Ghrrk, im recruiting GRENADE THROWER.

i cant believe people still play this game ahahahaha but then again i still play mario world and megaman x

I will probably be tryin to get in on this. Been awhile since I’ve played.

I will get MW2 on 360, but I have COD4 on my PC.

S+: Elliott, Frank’s buddy(?)
A: Jeff
B: Mandel
C: Frank
Free tier: Elias, Wenzel

Hmm, I might be down to play some. You’ll have to forgive me for being a bit rusty tho, I haven’t seriously played since early '08. Hopefully you guys play team cuz we all know Team >>>> Free for all.

I saw you guys all on last night. I wish I had this game. I’m not sure if I wanna pick it up so close to Modern Warfare 2.

id be S+ if it was hardcore =)

Mw2 will be raw. Fps games need a knife dive tackle.

I played this game a lot for like a month. One time the idiots vetoed Shipment. Guess who turned off the xbox.


Hit me up when you all learn the glory that is Unreal Tournament.

ey dog, I did better than frank on a decent chunk of maps

just fuck that one that is a giant fucking missile silo with the plumes of smoke and shit

:lol: I leveled up hella, both in-game, and in skill. That was the first time I actually sat down and played the game. Never had fun playing with randoms. If only it was hardcore, you’d see.

if anyone plays on ps3, and enjoys endless homo/racists against everyone/ and just generally you suck or i’m drunk shenanagins add tajiri and i on psn to play cod4 :slight_smile: unfortunatly we dun have none that xbox circle.

That headset is looking raw, if I could use that for my phone I’d be straight.

Does it make your voice sound like Bonzi Buddy?

@ The OT. I don’t play FPS, I am beyond bad/ have 0 fun with them. I didn’t even like Golden Eye during it’s hay day =/

All the more reason you’d want to play with us hahaha! I’m awful @ cod4, and will be awful @ mw2.

I’ll throw down in some FPS, just gotta get a Mouse+Keyboard adapter and I’ll show you what 3 years of my life ended up like. :o

Dude I played CoD4 on GB for a solid year I can’t wait for MW2 although I foresee the riot shield thing pretty annoying same with the AC-130. I’m down to play whenever I rock the M40A3 sniper cause that’s what I did in GB.

Those controllers look cool with the custom buttons on the back but you know people are just going to throw a relay onto them and make it an easy auto trigger and be cheap like that.