We need more CvS2 players in Seattle

Not really.

But this is a thread for all the CvS2 niggas in the 206 and beyond.

I learned to roll cancel with Blanka, but I only get it 1/5 attempts at best. I should play more with LTB next time I see him.

For a second there I thought this was the ST thread. Fuck yea, CvS2 son! We really do need more CvS2 players though, I was just telling Beasley the other day he’d like it.

Again! Where’s my nig Ean! Lol!

I’m down.

Mandel making a “CvS2” thread. Damn!

Fuck cvs2…I quit


i still remember back in 2001. row played me first match in a tourney. i put row in losers. then mandel puts me in losers and faces row and loses to row. row got 3rd. mandel shouldve threw the match to me so i wouldve taken row out of losers :sad:

No we don’t!

Row playing Cvs2 damn.

I wish i was there.

R4 Sagat FTL

K-nakaruru/blanka/cammyr2 ftw!!! maybe?

CvS2 would be really tight if Blanka wasn’t top tier.

Blanka is a sav! and you know it.


This game was getting a huge fucking scene in Olympia before the Tilt closed down.

P-Blanka/Sagat/Cammy r2, baby.

Is everywhere!

Hip hop is dead

And Cvs2 with it.

Im confused.

Trying to get back into CvS2 but…trying to finalize a groove… suggestions?

Grimm: Wow! Your posting in the NW forum!..shocking!

What is your play style like?

You like to rush and play matches based on momentum? N groove
Are you a patient player that likes to play footsies? P groove
Want to play with a solid game play? C groove
Would you like to cop out and just get good really quickly? A groove

If none of these styles fit you…then go K groove.

I would pick A groove if I were you…best outcomes in the quickest amount of time. If your looking for a groove that will take FOREVER to get good at, choose P groove…I’ve picked it and regretted it the day i chose it.

Funny story. I was using A-Vega/E-Honda/Blanka.

I just think i can do something better.

I heard P groove takes a lot of dedication.