We need more DC Universe Online players in the NW


With DC Universe Online coming out in about 3 weeks we need to get some people from the NW playing this game.

Here is a link to everything about the game so far DC Universe Online - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here goes some Alerts/Dungeon videos:





Im currently in the beta, its pretty fun. Best part though is making characters :smiley:


Just watched about half of a character creation video and had to stop as to not convince myself to pre-order.


Are you in the pc beta or ps3 beta?


Im in the PC version


Ive already made Blue black Invincible, The Sentry and The Hood @.@


only thing that sucks is pc and ps3 will be separate ;/

making characters and having a villian/superhero mentor is a tight way of getting “raid/tier” gear. i wanna try it out, but i dont know for which system!!