We need more Dungeon Fighters Online in Seattle (1st post updated 9/30)


[media=youtube]coDSvmUoA5U[/media] pvp video

this is a FREE online beat-em-up good old 16/32 bit style. but you can level up your character and get equip and play with friends!!! i actually play with a ps3 joystick so i have that authentic arcade feel. its really fun and i think it would be dope to get people on it. and theres pvp!!!

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=202581 thread in general discussion. lots of good info there. its easy to sign up and doesnt take too long to install.

edit:http://wiki.dfo-world.com/index.php?title=Main_Page pretty decent wiki for planning sub jobs and spending of skill points.

Northwest DFO roster

Messatsu Orochi
Mutsuenmei - Brawler (heavy and light armor/claw weapon)

original K dawg
Okitasojiro - Berserker (GreatSwords/Katanas/heavy armor)

EvilSavant - Exorcist (Scythe, BattleAxe, Beads, Totem, Cloth Armor, Heavy Armor )
KazuyaM - ?
AnnaWilliams - Fighter (alt)

Bleeds - Monk/Infighter (light armor/totems)
Grid - Asura (Plate armor/looking for lightsabres)

AirDash - Witch (leather armor/brooms/cloth for other build)
Mindgames - Fighter (alt)

Nolander - Crusader (Plate armor/Cross/rosary)

Ghrrk - witch
Asuko - fighter

tepid - gunner (Hand Cannon, Musket, Revolver, Bowgun, Semi-auto Pistol/leather armor)

Wenzel - ?

heady d
HeavyD - Mage
HeavierD - Priest

Furious jodo
MageyJodo - mage

Happy Stick Person
HappyStik - ?

Hellsap - priest

Nate Douville
kadunk - ?

Incruentum - Mage’
Shenanigrant - Gunner

Gray Fox
Grayfoxx - Priest

Narako - Fighter

so if anyones feeling generous, please mail items to each other. its nice to sell shit and have gold, but we’re all friends, so itll be nice to help each other out. also post what times you usually will be on, so you can meet up with other people and not waste fatigue.


This game is so awesome, need a joystick to play this game with tho…

I usually chill on the ch.11 Grand Flores B (?) server
Character is Narako, lvl 11 fighter


is this game the wow-killer?


its free, not that bad, and pretty entertaining.

It is however, pretty ghetto in terms of budget, and is entirely 2d. It’s more of a cheap diablo clone killer than anything, but I like it for what it is.


I might start playing this with my girlfriend. Going to try it out and see how I like it.


frank, kriangkrai, and i are online now. this is is hella fun. im doin dash combos with my fighter. feels almost like tekken lol


Thai vega is on there! OkitaSojiro


who got a beta code for me


I have 8. I’ll PM you one.



Yeah I’ve been playing this game a little bit. I had my TE hooked up with all 5 skills assigned, but the dashing left and right actually got kind of tiresome.

The games pretty amazing for being free. But I’m already confused about a few things like… why the hell are you given billions of materials yet there’s very little information on how and where to craft? And, is dueling not an available mode yet? The game seems almost pointless otherwise.

My characters:



Installing it now, do we have a ventrilo server or something?


I have the game but need a beta key as well, so if someone has an extra (brent?) I’ll gladly take it!


can I get one


I’m not at home right now, but I’ll get you one. After you I’ll have 2 left.


it’s pretty fun.
I have a lv 6 gunner (Frankdadank)
and a a lv 5 Priest (EvilSavant)

it’s nasty that the joystick buttons word but the joystick isn’t working in the game…i have no idea what i could be doing wrong.


I had to use joy2key and enabled “Use POV switches” in the Others tab.


Oh. Looks like I actually have one beta key left.

First to PM me gets it.


Ey what server we all at.




I’d jump on right now but I think I might hit up that bar thing tonight.